The History of Roulette

The History of Roulette

People have been playing some form of the popular casino game roulette since the late 18th century when the first tables were introduced in France. The game is said to be a mixture of several games that were popular at the time, and due to that fact, roulette gained instant popularity with the French locals.

The First Wheel

The first documented roulette wheel, as we know it today, was in Paris in the 1750s. Roulette then started to become the object of several writers by the turn of the century. The writings on roulette from these times show that the wheel has not changed that much throughout the course of time. The same zero and double zero slots were there to give the house the same advantage that it enjoys today, and the colour schemes were also largely the same. It wasn’t until the mid-1800s that the single zero was introduced by a French casino operator in an effort to compete with other casinos in the area.

Europe and Beyond

Despite the popularity of the game in certain areas around Europe, namely Germany and France, it wasn’t until the mid-1860s that the game became an international pastime; sought after by many high-profile players. The German government had decided that they had had enough of the game and banned it from the country. The ban was a blessing in disguise for the owners of the casinos. They had to close their gambling houses in Germany, but they soon found a new home for their game in Monte Carlo. Once they moved there, Monte Carlo was never the same.

From Monte Carlo to Las Vegas

Monte Carlo was one of the only gambling hot spots throughout Europe that played host to an international clientele. It was by no means the only place to play roulette, but it was most likely the best. About 100 years after Monte Carlo got its big start, Las Vegas sprouted up from the sands of Nevada, and that is where the American version of roulette became honed into the game it is today.

European and American Roulette

Still to this day, as far as land-based casinos are concerned, Monte Carlo is home to the European variant of roulette and Las Vegas is where you will find the American version. Of course, most of us can’t just get up and go to one of these places whenever we feel like playing a game of roulette, but here at SuperLenny we offer a wide range of Live Roulette games that aim to simulate the experience for online players.

The History of Roulette
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