The Polish Pros

The Polish Pros from left to right: TaZ – pashaBiceps – byali – NEO – Snax

Polish team,, is currently sitting comfortably at number seven in the CS:GO world ranking. With a rather dramatic fall from fourth to fifteenth, the latter half of this year has seen them pull themselves up and they are now back on track and rising through the ranks. They have a number of wins under their belt this year, including DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 and Adrenaline Cyber League 2017. A Russian organization, they formed in 2003. originally had a Counter-Strike 1.6 team but in 2012 they announced to the world their switch to CS:GO, and they are now most famous for CS:GO as well as their Dota 2 team.

Meet the Team

Wiktor TaZ Wojtas is the captain of the team and he is primary AWPer. He has won multiple times in both Global Offensive and 1.6. At 31 yrs. old, he is not only the oldest in the team but also one of the oldest players in this year’s DreamHack Malmö.

The second oldest on the team at 30, Filip NEO Kubski is In-Game leader and a legend in the world of Counter-strike. Like his other team members he is excellent at 1.6 as well as CS:GO, and uses both assault and sniper rifles in his play.

Jarosław pashaBiceps Jarząbkowski started his professional career in 2009. Like his teammate “TaZ”, he has seen multiple successes in both CS:GO and 1.6, and though he usually plays with assault rifles he can switch to sniper when needed.

24 year old Janusz Snax Pogorzelski started his career in 2010. His lengthy playing time has awarded him multiple wins in CS:GO. Like “pashaBiceps” he is also a very versatile player and able to switch between assault and sniper rifles as needed during gameplay.

Lastly there is Paweł byali Bieliński. He too has played since the 1.6 era but his true potential wasn’t unleashed until CS:GO emerged on the scene. Many times a world champion in this game, he is the entry fragger for the team, preferring to use assault rifles than being a sniper.

The current roster has been together since 2014, and they are the longest standing roster to date in CS:GO. They have also signed long term contracts, ensuring that they will remain with the team until 2020.

Can They Hold Their Own?

A very versatile team, their game can be easily stepped up and switched around, which will be of great benefit against higher ranked teams. There have been some major ups and downs in their game play though. Not succeeding well on any particular map, they only have a 45% win rate and have been seen struggling against lower ranked teams.

Whilst they may have one of the most experienced teams in the tournament, we’ve yet to see them rise all the way to the top of the ranks. However, DreamHack Malmö could be theirs for the taking if they play on top form.

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The Polish Pros
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