This is Great Britain’s Olympic Uniform

This is Great Britain’s Olympic Uniform

While it’s a bit of a distraction from the actual sporting events, watching the different kinds of fashions that the British participants in the Olympic Games will wear can be interesting. This is because there’s in no way coincidental what the different countries are wearing. The uniforms have always been given great consideration from the chosen designers, as they must represent the country, be practical and look good. Therefore, the task of designing the clothes for Team Great Britain was given to Adidas, one of the most famous designers of sports clothes in the world.

A brand new coat of arms has been included on the clothing in addition to the Union Jack. The thought is to give explicit symbolism to all of the home nations, so they can relate to and feel proud of their athletes. Different sets of symbols have been put on the clothes to represent the four different nations that Great Britain consists of. A rose represents England, a thistle is the symbol of Scotland, Wales is represented by a leek and on the crest we can see a flax as the symbol for Northern Ireland. There are two of each of the symbols, and they are held together at the centre by four chain links. It’s both intended to resemble a racing track and to be a symbol of the four-year Olympic cycle.

According to Adidas, the clothes are on average ten percent lighter than they have been in previous years. It has taken the designers two years to finish, so they have had a lot of time to come up with clever solutions. On the way to Rio, they’ve worked with Jessica Ennis-Hill, Laura Trott and Tom Daley.

As for the opening ceremony, the British uniform was quite classic. Double breasted blazers for the men, and white jackets and blue miniskirts for the women.

This is Great Britain’s Olympic Uniform
Author: Lenny
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