This is how you can watch the Olympics in the UK

This is how you can watch the Olympics in the UK

Unlike many other countries, the broadcasting rights for the Olympics in the UK has been given to one single distributor. This means that the British viewers have a very good opportunity to catch as much of the Olympics as possible, and it also means that all the events are very easy to get a good overview of.

The distributor we are talking about is of course the BBC. Their coverage of the Olympic games in London in 2012 was award winning, so this is something to be very pleased about. With one distributor responsible for the entire Olympics, we can be sure that we will get good coverage from one of the leading broadcasting companies in the world.

Of course, they’ll make use of both live TV and of internet streaming during the weeks of great sporting performances. On BBC One and BBC Four, there’ll be 550 hours of Olympic games. BBC Four will be expanded for this occasion, the channel starting at 1pm in the afternoon and run until to 2am. BBC iPlayer and Red Button will have eight streams broadcasting, on platforms Freesat, Sky and Virgin Media.

At midnight on the 5th of august, you can catch the opening ceremony. But even a few days before that you can get a little peak at the Olympic Games by watching some football. Women’s football will start at the 3rd of August, giving us two days to enjoy before the Games start at full strength.

But the best place to watch the Olympics in the UK will of course be at one of the many great pubs that this kingdom has to offer. Along with a few friends and other spontaneous compatriots – there’s not many things that can match a good sporting events and a few cold pints.

This is how you can watch the Olympics in the UK
Author: Lenny
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