This weekend’s matches

This weekend’s matches

With all the changing events happening last week, it’s probably a good thing Premier League is on a break until Saturday. We seriously need to take a break to let our hearts slow down to normal speed. But that doesn’t mean we want to shut out this world completely – we have a few games to look forward to on Saturday. The table is forever changing, and it’s getting tighter and tighter in both the top, the middle and the bottom of the table.

Tottenham – West Brom

Tottenham is meeting West Brom on Saturday, and we sure are looking forward to it. West Brom is quite the strong team these days – they had the opportunity to take a victory against Hull City on the 2nd of January. They won 3-1, which probably gives Tottenham a reason to be just a tiny bit nervous. Although Tottenham won against Chelsea last Wednesday, they need to be strong for this game as well. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that things changes fast in this league. However, if they do win this game, they can climb up to second place on the table, and Liverpool and Chelsea need to watch out for this rising team.

Arsenal – Swansea

Swansea and Arsenal are playing this Saturday, and this should get interesting, considering both teams are in exposed positions. Swansea is almost at the bottom of the table, at 19th place, and needs to fight hard to climb or even just keep their position. As for Arsenal, they are currently at fifth place on the table, and had to jump down from a third place – which means they have to fight hard to be included in the medal fight. No doubt that both teams are going to give each other a tough game, and it’s absolutely mandatory to watch it.Chelsea – Leicester

The former Premier League winner meets this season’s leader. Leicester is now at 15th place on the table, right in the warm and cozy middle. Leicester has had a kind of rollercoaster-season, and we’ll never forget how they crushed Manchester City 4-2 on the 10th of December. This showed everyone that the true Leicester is still alive, and moved them up to 14th place on the table. Since then, it’s been ups and downs for the team, but keeping a safe distance from the bottom. They sure are a team full of surprises, so it’s impossible to predict how Saturday’s match is going to end. Chelsea’s still the table’s leader, and it has been that way for a while now, but their defeat against Tottenham may suggest that they’ve lost some spirit along the way – or maybe gotten too confident? Either way, this match is going to be really interesting.

Hull City – Bournemouth

We need to take a look at our friends at the bottom of the table – Hull City. They are playing against Bournemouth this Saturday, and we are holding our breath for this event. Bournemouth recently managed a near-win against Arsenal; the score was 3-0 until Arsenal decided to fight back towards the end of the game. It ended up with a 3-3 draw, which not only shows us that Arsenal’s team are great fighters, but that Bournemouth is a team that should not be underestimated. We’re pretty sure that Hull City isn’t underestimating anyone these days, but since they are in the danger zone, they need to be extra careful. They only have 13 points, whereas Bournemouth has 25 – and that’s quite a gap. Hull has had a long period of defeats, but they actually managed to score two goals against Everton on the 30th of December, and the match ended with a 2-2 draw. This shows us that Hull has some potential, and maybe, just maybe, they can still surprise us.

It would be wise to invest in an extra screen for all the games coming up – because every single one is mandatory viewing, so find a hammer and break that piggy bank of yours.

This weekend’s matches
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