Today’s Fixtures – 17. June

Today’s Fixtures – 17. June

Everything is at stake for Sweden against Italy in the first game today. After a draw against Ireland, they really have to amp up for the next two games – and the upcoming match against Italy will probably be the hardest. Italy is coming to this game with three points, after a win against Belgium. There’s no doubt about the Italians’ intentions in this game as a win will help them secure a place in the round of 16. Italy is a defensive team more than anything else, and they’ll use this to their advantage when facing Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Czech Republic lost against Spain, while Croatia won against Turkey. This means that Croatia has a chance at securing their place in the next round, especially since Turkey is up against mighty Spain. Czech Republic might feel that they have a better chance at beating Turkey in the last game and might therefore be satisfied with one point, aiming for a draw.

One other team that’ll probably be satisfied with one point is Turkey. Going for a win when facing Spain is something that is reserved for a small elite. Spain will go for a win, though, and it’ll be exciting to see if they can score earlier than they did in their match against Czech Republic.

Today’s Fixtures – 17. June
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