Today’s Fixtures – 18. June

Today’s Fixtures – 18. June

The last games of the second match-days will be played today. This means that after today, we’ll know exactly what the different teams will need before we enter the final match-days. And we may well get some surprises today.

The first match is Belgium-Ireland. Ireland only managed a 1-1 draw against Sweden earlier, and it took an Irish own goal for Sweden to level. Actually, they didn’t even manage to put a single shot at the goal in that game. Belgium did not perform well against Italy, and maybe we are seeing the effect of the fact that a lot of the Belgian players have had disappointing seasons. Ireland wants redemption for the unnecessary loss of two points to Sweden, and the Belgian players may feel insecure. This game is potentially exciting.

Iceland-Hungary is a game between two teams who are very happy with their opening games. Iceland took one point against Portugal, and Hungary won, surprisingly, against Austria. It’s more crucial for Iceland to win than it is for Hungary, and we’ll see this in the game.

Austria is in trouble ahead of the game against Portugal. Portugal only got one point against Iceland, and this means that they will be itching to make up for it. Austria have zero point, and they must do something extraordinary for this not to be their total after this game as well.

Today’s Fixtures – 18. June
Author: Lenny
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