Today’s Fixtures – 21. June

A new day of football, and we’ll have two rounds today. We’ll start with group C and end the day with group D.

Group C is in a unique position as it’s the only group where one of the teams, Ukraine, is already out of the competition. They’ll face Poland, who has one more point than Northern Ireland, who will face Germany. This means that the first round is going to have a much lower level of excitement than the other groups. The only thing that can change the group listing is if Northern Ireland somehow beats Germany. I think the Polish team will be resting and the Ukrainian team will struggle to keep enthusiastic. Northern Ireland is going to want to be defensive this game, and Germany will rest their best players.

In group D Czech Republic and Turkey are facing each other. Both teams need to win. Turkey has been a huge disappointment so far, while Czech Republic gave us an impressive performance in the final half of the 2nd half against Croatia. Both teams should feel like they have a decent chance at winning, and we’ll hopefully get some offensive and entertaining football. Spain is already through to the next round, and their main priority will be to not lose against Croatia, thereby securing their 1st place.

Today’s Fixtures – 21. June
Author: Lenny
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