Today’s Fixtures – 22. June

Today’s Fixtures – 22. June

Four fixtures will be played today, and a lot will be at stake in all of them. This is the final day of the group stage, and from today we’ll know for sure what the round of 16 will look like.

The day will start off with group F settling their final scores. The matches are Iceland-Austria and Hungary-Portugal. In the latter, everything is lined up for a one-way match. A draw will give Hungary a very surprising five points and in all likelihood the 1st place of the group. This will be their goal, as I can’t see any reason to believe that they will attempt playing aggressive against Portugal. If Portugal doesn’t win this game, the group stages must be considered a failure for them.

Iceland-Austria is a very open game. A draw will be enough to send Iceland to the round of 16, while Austria needs a win. Iceland has it in them to ride the storm, and their guts could take them at least one rung higher. This is by far the most exciting game of the day.

In group E, the favourites are very clear. Everyone knows what to expect with Italy-Ireland and Sweden-Belgium. Both Ireland and Sweden needs to win, against the odds, so we’ll at least see both of them being far more offensive than they hoped they needed to be before the championship started. And that’ll make for great football, hopefully!

Today’s Fixtures – 22. June
Author: Lenny
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