Today’s game – Poland-Portugal

Today’s game – Poland-Portugal

Together with Germany-Italy, Poland-Portugal is the most open game in the entire round. Most people would have regarded Portugal as the favourites in this game before the tournament started, but the development of this tournament so far puts this into serious doubt.

What one should take note of is that Poland, together with Italy, has the second best defensive record of the Euros at this moment. Poland has only conceded one goal, against Switzerland. But there are some things to add to this. They faced Ukraine, Northern Ireland and Germany in the group stages. Keeping a clean sheet against the latter is impressive, but Northern Ireland only managed to score in one game, while Ukraine did not score at all. Portugal conceded three goal against Hungary, but apart from that it does not look too bad. Only one goal conceded against Iceland and clean sheets against Austria and Croatia is actually a good statistic.

The other exciting part of this game is Ronaldo vs. Lewandowski. Ronaldo has only scored in one game, while Lewandowski has not scored at all so far this tournament. This means that we will see two very motivated forwards going into this game. For Poland, it has not been Lewandowski who has been the key player so far, but Jakub “Koba” Blaszczykowski.

The winner will face Wales or Belgium in the semi-finals.

Today’s game – Poland-Portugal
Author: Lenny
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