Today’s match: France-Romania

Today’s match: France-Romania

The opening match is always one of the most exciting ones. Those who have a good memory and a heart for football might remember that France and Romania have met one time before, in Euro 2008. The final result was 0-0, and France ended up last in their group with only one point.

Both teams will be looking for a good start. From the Romanian point of view, only one point will be considered a very good start to the group stages as they will face teams that are considerably weaker in the next two games. The question is if we will see a defensive Romanian team or a team that dears to attack against one of the strongest defensive lines in the championship.

The French team will of course only consider three points to be good enough. If they end up losing one or three points the nerves might hit them, and the last game against Switzerland could be with much more pressure than they are comfortable with. We should expect the French team to manage to score at least one goal, so the question is if Romania has the offensive skill to find a way through the French defence. With the two top scorers having scored only 11 and 9 goals in 50 and 40 matches, this does not seem very likely.

Today’s match: France-Romania
Author: Lenny
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