Top 5 Players in the Group Stage

Top 5 Players in the Group Stage

In every large tournament, there are some players who stand out more than others. Their performances are always crucial to the final outcome. Here is a look at the five best players from the group stages:

Gareth Bale

It is hard to disagree with making Bale the best player of the group stages. Wales took an impressive 1st place in the group with England, Russia and Slovakia, and Bale scored against all of the teams. His goal against England from a long distance free kick was just splendid, although Joe Hart should have caught it.

Alvaro Morata

Like Bale, Morata scored three goals in the group stages. His two goals against Turkey was the most important factor in their win, and Spain looked great in this game. His goal against Croatia gave Spain the lead, but it did not help them much in the end. Spain lost the game, and that meant that they had to face Italy in the round of 16. Spain lost, and we will not be seeing more of Morata in Euro 2016.

Hannes Halldorsson

One of the key players for Iceland was their goalkeeper, Hannes Halldorsson from the Norwegian club Bodø/Glimt. Counting the game against England, he is now the goalkeeper with the most saves in Euro 2016. His performance was one of the most important contributions to Iceland in the group stages, where they did not lose a single game.

Dimiri Payet

His great finish against Romania gave France three much needed points in the opening game, and he also scored the last goal in their 2-0 win against Albania. Without Payet, France’s destiny in this tournament could have been very different.

Aaron Ramsey

Although Bale gets all the attention, Aaron Ramsey has not been any less important for Wales in the group stages. Two assists from Ramsey and a lot of hard work in the build-up of the attacks made him indispensable for Wales.

Top 5 Players in the Group Stage
Author: Lenny
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