Top Market Value

Top Market Value

As we both know, my dear reader, the UEFA Euro 2016 will be a masterpiece. Not only because the biggest football nations of the continent will square it off in a fast-paced group stage and thrilling knockout-round. Not only because there are 24 teams competing for one of the most prestigious titles on Earth. But also because the top players of our planet will do their very best to prove their worth. And oh boy are they worth a lot of money. Just Cristiano Ronaldo alone is worth more than the lineup of just about any football team in the world – his theoretical market value is located somewhere around 110 million euros at the moment. Not like Real Madrid would want to sell him, anyway.

Market values are just that – market values. They are the product of speculation, combined with historical stats and current form. At the same time, the European Championship is a display of raw talent, and up-and-coming players who prove their selection in the national squad can see their value sky-rocket already during the tournament itself. Kevin de Bruyne was unknown when Mourinho brought him to Chelsea. Now he is worth 60 million and is constantly in the starting squad of Manchester City. Paul Pogba is only 23 years old, but is worth almost 70 million already – this amount is on a constant rise. Pogba will play for the host nation, France, and I am absolutely sure that he will be among the top 3 valued players in the world when Euro 2016 is over.

The transfer fees have been on a constant rise over the last decades. The current record is just above 100 million euros, set by Real Madrid when they purchased Gareth Bale from Tottenham. Thomas Müller and Robert Lewandowski, two Bayern Munich stars who play for Germany and Poland respectively, are both worth 70-75 million, but it’s highly unlikely that Bayern will sell their top-flight players. Just like Messi and Barcelona. Messi is priceless, and Barcelona will not sell him for any money in the world, even though his current estimated value is a soaring 120 000 000 euros.

Top Market Value
Author: Lenny
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