Two Legs or Four?

Two Legs or Four?

The end of August and the start of September offer a multitude of exciting sporting events. From horses to football through to cricket and cycling, this week has it all.

Horsing Around

The last day of August marks the start of the Burghley Horse Trials, which run for three days until the 3rd of September. Running every year, it is held in Lincolnshire, England. It ranks high in the prestigious horsing events of the world and is in fact one of the six leading three-day events. Originating in 1961, it comprises of three separate events: dressage, show jumping and cross-country. Each horse and rider must take part in each event, one per day, and will be scored on their performance. The overall scores will determine the winner of the event and simultaneously demonstrate the all-round skill of both horse and rider.

Football Frenzy

The 1st and 2nd of September offer football fans the chance to see their home teams perform in the last round of qualifiers for the FIFA World cup. The first day has England versus Malta, Scotland against Lithuania, and Northern Ireland playing San Marino. The second day offers fans the chance to watch Wales up against Austria, and then Ireland against Georgia.

More genteel events

The 2nd sees some intense cricket action as it is T20 Blast finals Day. Held at Edgbaston, this event is a relatively new fixture and has only been running since 2013. It comprises of 18 top tier teams from the counties of Wales and England. They are split into two divisions of nine teams in each. The series has grown in popularity, with this year’s event already being sold out before the semi-finalists were even announced.

The 3rd offers viewers the chance to watch the cycling. The Cycling Tour or Britain starts on this day and runs into next week before finishing on the 10th. A tour around Britain, the route changes every year though it remains an eight-phase race, and the terrain changes every year along with the route. Held as long ago as 1945, the format has changed slightly over the years in order to cater to the improved skills of the participants.

What is on in the coming week?

The following week brings in some more football world cup qualifiers, the Great North Run for the athletes, and the finally the Third Test for England and the West Indies.

Two Legs or Four?
Author: Lenny
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