What is PUBG?

PlayerUnknown: BattleGrounds, also known as PUBG has taken the E-sports world with a bang and might just be the next big title on the E-sports scene. The game has already surpassed CS:GO and Dota 2 in users.

PUBG – Bigger than DOTA 2

PlayerUnknown: BattleGrounds came out of nowhere and took over the digital world. The game has already surpassed big titles like Counter Strike: Global Offense and DOTA 2 in users. Will it be the next big thing?

Highly entertaining

The game reached out to the masses eventhough the marketing budget was next to nothing. The game was launched on the gaming platform Steam and thanks to the streaming page Twitch, it became an overnight sensation.

100 players on a desert island

The game is a typical shooter game with draws resemblance to the movie Battle Royale. It’s a classic last man standing type of game where you start with nothing and have to scavenge for weapons and protection. 100 players jump out of an airplane on a desert island. When you hit the ground it’s time to find loot, weapons and even vehicles, while other players are doing the same whilst becoming the last man standing.

Still in beta

PUBG is very popular and it’s not even a finished product, so no one can know for sure what will happen with the game. But it is one of the most popular online-games available right now and that’s a certain. There is a big buzz around the game and soon we will see several big tournaments around the world.

Big tournaments

For the first time ever, PUBG was one of the games in the big E-sports tournament IEM Oakland. 20 Teams participated in a 2-day war to battle for the $200 000 prize pool.
To many’s surprise, an open qualifier team called aAa (Against all Authority) finished top of the hill and won $60 000. The French team proved to be consistent enough to win the whole tournament.

Betting on E-sports

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What is PUBG?
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