What is SuperLenny: The Game?

What is SuperLenny: The Game?

Things just got a lot more rewarding over at Lenny has always challenged players with his ethos of ‘Deer to be Different’. Now he’s crafted something rather special to reward you big time.

Introducing SuperLenny: The Game

SuperLenny: The Game is a virtual board game where Lenny invites you to pull up a comfy leather chair, sip on something refreshing and enjoy playing.

Think Monopoly meets the Wheel of Fortune and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s in store for you here. It’s a dice-based 3D board game where every square makes you a winner. What could be better?

Lenny knows what, no wagering requirements on any of the prizes, that’s what!

How do I get some of those sweet dice rolls?

Good news, acquiring dice rolls in SuperLenny: The Game is so easy even Donald Trump could understand how.

Simply play all your favourite slots at SuperLenny and keep an eye on the status wheel to the left of the screen when on desktop. If you’re playing on mobile you won’t see the status wheel but can easily check your progress on the rewards page.

Once the status wheel hits 100% you’ll earn yourself a dice roll for the game. Nice.

How do I play SuperLenny: The Game?

Click on the wheel or on the rewards tab on the promotions page to see your current dice rolls. Tap on a dice roll and you’ll get whizzed off to the stylish 3D game board where you’ll be ready to roll.

First up choose your playing piece. Will you opt for the Golden Tache, Diamond, Golden Football or the dapper Bow Tie? The choice is all yours.

Next, tap on the die to chance your arm and see how many squares your playing piece will jump forward. The board has 16 squares packed full of superb prizes just waiting to be claimed.

Wherever your piece lands, that prize is yours. It could be a re-roll, some Free Spins, casino bonuses, cash prize or a jackpot.

And remember, there are no wagering requirements on any of the prizes so it really is a win-win with SuperLenny: The Game.