Who will be the next England Star?

Who will be the next England Star?

There are some transfer records being broken this summer. The last club to do so is Liverpool, and Will Hughes might finally be moving to the Premier League

New record signing

Mohammad Salah has already had the time to be a Premier League flop one in his career. He was signed to Chelsea with a five-and-a-half-year contract, but he only played 13 games in the Premier League for them. He has done much better in the Italian league the last two seasons, with 29 goals in total. That is more than any of the Liverpool players have managed in the same period, and that might be why they have decided to set a new record signing him. He cost Liverpool 35 million pounds, and it remains to see if he will be worth it. As every Liverpool fan now knows, a record breaking transfer is in no way guarantee of success. It is enough to remind everyone that Andy Carroll held the last record for Liverpool – a sad chapter in their transfer history.

Is Will Hughes coming to the Premier League?

Everyone who is following English football knows the name of Will Hughes. He is the youngster who was said to have a great career ahead of him, but his move to the Premier League has not yet come. He has been loyal to Derby County over the years, probably hoping to get promoted to the Premier League with the club close to his heart. He has now turned 22, which should mean that he can no longer wait for Derby to get promoted if he wants to play in the Premier League, and develop into the player that he can be. Reports are now coming that Watford wants to buy him for seven million pounds. If these reports are true, I think this is the time for Will Hughes to grab the opportunity and start playing in the Premier League. He has developed very well in the Championship, but English football needs him to develop at a higher level. He might have been smart not rushing towards any of the big clubs, and Watford seems like a place where he can develop very well. We might be talking about the next star player of the English national team here.

Who will be the next England Star?
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