Why Dream Catcher could break the Internet

Why Dream Catcher could break the Internet

Dream Catcher is an exciting live game from Evolution Gaming. In recent years Evolution Gaming has made a name for itself through offering high-quality live casino games that include blackjack, roulette and various poker options. Now they’ve branched out, bringing us something very innovative with Dream Catcher.

What are live casino games?


Evolution Gaming has succeeded in bringing the land-based casino into our homes. By setting up authentic studios to look like the casino floor, we can now access these games from the comfort of home. Better yet, you can choose to play them from a desktop or a mobile.

With Dream Catcher comes a new type of live game. It combines the thrills of some of the classic Money Wheel games, that were popular in 80’s and 90’s TV game shows, with modern-day technology. Let’s take a look at how Dream Catcher can break the internet.

Funny and entertaining hosts


One of the common themes across those old game shows was that they all had a quirky, yet funny, host to keep things moving. These hosts would be quick to deliver little quips and sharp one-liners in order to interact with the players and keep their viewers entertained.

And you know what, things have not changed with Dream Catcher. All of the hosts are all quick off the mark with some entertaining comments and full interaction with the players. This simply serves to add to the fun and provides an immersive atmosphere.

The Community


One of the best aspects of playing live casino games is the ability to converse with your fellow players, and those hilarious hosts of course! You can chat with players from around the world, swapping tips, cheering each other on and generally enjoying the camaraderie of the game.

Dream Catcher features

  • HD visuals
  • Secure streaming
  • Funny and witty hosts
  • Close up camera work



One of the big things that players are always on the lookout for are some exciting wins. Dream Catcher offers this up in spades thanks to their very exciting multiplier option. These multiplier options actually double up as a free spin for you.

There are 2x and 7x multipliers marked on the wheel. If the wheel stops on, say, the 7x multiplier, it spins again. What’s really great is that if the wheel then stops on your number, you’re going to get 7x the bet that you placed!

For all ages

Another massive factor that falls in Dream Catcher’s favour is the fact that it is incredibly easy to understand, play and to grab some decent wins on. This makes it very appealing to a wide range of players from newbies through to old hands.

The gameplay is so straightforward, as are the betting options, that it’s actually quite hard to not understand the process. As a player, you simply choose a number and let the wheel and the hosts do the rest, while you just sit back and enjoy the company of other players.

Dream Catcher streaming


The game is live-streamed from the Evolution Gaming studio in Riga, both in classic and HD modes. The fact that it is shot from multiple angles means that you can truly get in on the action, fully immersing yourself thanks to great camera close-ups and angles.

The Wheel

When it comes to the visuals, Evolution Gaming certainly did not skimp. The colours are stunning, crisp and clear, helping to suck you in to the casino atmosphere. The Wheel itself is a beautifully designed piece of custom-made precision engineering from world-class designers TCSJOHNHUXLEY.

Dream Catcher Gameplay

A cross between slots and bingo, the Dream Catcher wheel has 54 pockets which contain the numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. Out of these pockets, 52 of them are marked with those numbers, while the last two contain those aforementioned multipliers.

The game starts with players placing their bet on their chosen number. This can be done manually or through the auto bet function. Betting time is limited though, and players can begin placing bets the second the wagering light turns green in the section above the wheel.

Betting values

Payout values reflect the actual number that you have picked on the pocket you bet on. For instance, betting on the number 5 will get you a payout increase of 5, with the multipliers adding further to the base amount as we have already outlined!

Dream Catcher Strategies


Dream Catcher is a game of luck, but also of choice. But if you’re trying to win big money, there are some strategies to employ. The lower value pockets have a greater representation on the wheel, but also pay out a lot less, though they’re more likely to land.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to start out betting on the lower payout but higher probability numbers. If you’re truly gunning for that big payout – there’s only one top number on the wheel – we suggest waiting it out until the later stages of the game.

Where to play Dream Catcher

With the growing interest in live games, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an online casino that doesn’t offer some of them. Finding Dream Catcher is somewhat more specialised though, but again, it’s not a long process to have a quick search to find a casino that offers it.

When looking for an online casino, just remember to check out the security and licensing to ensure you’re playing at a safe venue. We also suggest checking out the bonuses and promotions as well as payment options to ensure you have a really great time.

Final thoughts


The ease of playing Dream Catcher, it’s simplicity and chances for big payouts has really propelled this game into the limelight. Perfect for all types of players, Dream Catcher combines elements of some of the best online casino games. Let’s watch as Dream Catcher breaks the internet!

Why Dream Catcher could break the Internet
Author: Lenny
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