Will Astralis become untaggable once again?

Astralis, former Team Questionmark and TQM, is a collection of Danish players. Due to ownership issues they created their own team, keeping on their major players. In fact, they are the first team to ever be co-owned by the players themselves in the industry of eSports. As recently as last year they underwent a number of changes, but the five-man team still has three of the original members in play; dupreeh, device, and Xyp9x. The latecomers, Kjaerbye and gla1ve, both joined in 2016 allowing the group plenty of time to form a cohesive team.

A Record of Wins

Their record is a good one, with 2016 seeing the team only having one placement below fourth when they placed lower in the ELEAGUE Season 1, losing 2:0 to Mousesports. The rest of their season however was an exceptional one. Three straight wins for them in Esports Championship Series, ELEAGUE Major, and Intel Extreme Masters XI; earning them a good $800,000 in prize money. Elsewhere they placed second to fourth, still earning well, and all of this was accomplished in the Premier tier. They are currently considered one of the top teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Strong Players

A well-rounded team, each of their players has their own unique strengths. Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander, one of two new transfers, is the mastermind and In-Game Leader for Astralis. His recent arrival has propelled the team to new heights. Peter dupreeh Rasmussen, one of the best players around, has been inching up the board in Counter-Strike, and as of 2015 was ranked in twelfth place. Great at aiming and a good fragger this older player holds the team steady.

Then there is Nicolai dev1ce” Reedtz, ranked third in 2015 and put simply; he is one of the best. A huge asset to the team, his mere presence can put fear into the opposing side, adding to his already considerable impact in the team’s play. Andreas Xyp9x Højsleth is the team’s support player. A hard job to accomplish, he has to be backup on all actions his team takes throughout the game. Lastly there is Markus Kjaerbye Kjærbye. The youngest on the team at just 19 years old, he’s also the most recent addition. Known for his exceptional aim and super energetic confidence, he has worked his way through a number of teams before landing here.

Leading the Pack

Winners already this year; Astralis is one you should watch. Despite a rocky beginning, the team shook it off to emerge victors, proving that even with the hype nothing will faze them. With a World Ranking of 2, Astralis will be a formidable presence at the festival.

Photo credit: DreamHack, Abraham Engelmark

Will Astralis become untaggable once again?
Author: Lenny
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