Will Rugby Sevens Be a Success?

Will Rugby Sevens Be a Success?

As the name suggests, rugby sevens differ from the usual form of rugby in the number of players on each team. The usual form of rugby has 15 players on each team, but in rugby sevens there are only seven players on each team. Among other things, this means that you can expect more goals in rugby sevens. As the game can be quite different than we are used to it’ll be exciting to see how it’s received.

On the 6th of august the matches started, with the women’s matches first out. At 15:00, France-Spain was the first game of rugby to be played at the Olympic Games. From that point on a new game started every half hour: New Zealand-Kenya, Great Britain-Brazil, Canada-Japan, USA-Fiji and Australia-Colombia. As all the teams played two games each this day, France-Kenya started as the first game of the second round the same day.

The men’s matches will start on august 9th. This game will also start at 15:00, with Australia-France. Every half hour from there we can see a new match starting: South Africa-Spain, Great Britain-Kenya, New Zealand-Japan, USA-Argentina and Fiji-Brazil. After that, Australia-Spain will mark the start of the second round.

As a rugby country, Great Britain is obviously hoping for success in rugby sevens at Rio 2016. But there’s hard competition from other countries with an equally strong rugby tradition, such as France and New Zealand. It could be fun to keep an extra eye on Fiji as well. The small Pacific island has a big rugby culture, currently holding the 11th place in the international ranking. If they can enjoy some success in these games, we can be sure to see some great celebrations in the streets of Suva.

Will Rugby Sevens Be a Success?
Author: Lenny
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