Yesterday’s Fixture – Wales-Portugal

Yesterday’s Fixture – Wales-Portugal

Portugal were considered minor favourites for the match against Wales yesterday, but the match was still considered open-ended beforehand. It didn’t look this way from what we saw after the match started. Portugal won the game 2-0, but the numbers could have been higher. Quite frankly, Wales was never close to making us believe that they could reach the final.

Ronaldo scored his third goal of the championship today, and it’s only the second game that he’s scored in. Everyone could see that it meant the world to him, and he was also credited with the assist for Nani’s 2-0 goal – although it was clearly an attempt at goal and not a pass. This means that Ronaldo now has three goals and three assists, thereby matching the goal points of Antoine Griezmann who has four goals and two assists.

Even if this was a weak game by Wales, they have every reason to be proud of their performance in the Euro 2016. It can’t be said too many times that both Wales and England now has a semi-final as their best performance in the history of the Euros, and this fact will definitely be the source of great pride in Cymru.

Yesterday’s Fixture – Wales-Portugal
Author: Lenny
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