Yesterday’s Fixtures – 13. June

Yesterday’s Fixtures – 13. June

It could have been an interesting result, but Spain defeated Czech Republic 1-0. Not too convincing maybe, but three points is still three points. This means that Spain and Croatia each have three points in this group, while Turkey and Czech Republic will be trying to get three points in the next round.

1-1 between Sweden and Ireland is very bad news for both teams. They both have to face Italy and Belgium in the next two games, and they will be underdogs against both of them. This means that this group might very well be one of the two where the team who finish 3rd will have to go home.

In the same way as Ireland-Sweden was considered to be the battle for the important 3rd place, Belgium-Italy was the game that was considered to be the battle for 1st place. Before this game I considered pasta Carbonara to be the most delicious thing Italy ever brought us, but Leonardo Bonuccci’s assist to Giaccherini has now officially overtaken this place in my heart. Giaccherini put it in the back of the net, and this gave Italy a 1-0 lead that grew to 2-0 in the over-time. Italy looked very good, we might have to look at them as one of the absolute favourites after this.

Yesterday’s Fixtures – 13. June
Author: Lenny
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