Yesterday’s Fixtures – 17. June

Yesterday’s Fixtures – 17. June

The most cracking match we saw yesterday was definitely Czech Republic-Croatia. Croatia looked like they had the game under control and had a calm 2-0 lead. But substitute Milan Skoda scored a goal in the 76th minute, and it was game on. It looked like Croatia would manage to save the 2-1 victory, but some Croatian “supporters” managed to stop the game for a while by throwing fireworks into the pitch. This kind of halts in the game does something to the flow, and perhaps rattles some nerves, and Czech Republic managed to get a penalty kick that they scored on. 2-2 became the final result.

In the same group we got Spain-Turkey. We expected Turkey to at least try to set the record straight after a very poor performance against Croatia, but they didn’t. We are used to seeing Turkey with a great fighting spirit, but they seem to somehow lack it in this competition. Spain outplayed them in the entire game and won 3-0.

These two games gave us some good performances and nice entertainment. The same can’t be said about Italy-Sweden. There is only one thing to say about this game: It was the most boring game to be played in the entire championship. Italy managed to score a goal by a good individual performance by Eder in the 88th minute. This means that Italy is ready for the round of 16.

Yesterday’s Fixtures – 17. June
Author: Lenny
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