Yesterday’s Fixtures – 18. June

Yesterday’s Fixtures – 18. June

Belgium didn’t seem to find their form during the start of the match, and continued their terrible run in the championship, but at the start of the second half they scored a goal by Lukaku. During the second half the Belgium players controlled the upper part of the pitch and did not give Ireland a lot of chances. They continued their great passing and wing play during the second half, allowing Lukaku to score his second goal of the game. It ended 3-0 to Belgium.

Iceland, the island that charms us all, delivered a great piece of defence football. They got a correct penalty and scored. Great collective performances have been the main reason Iceland are where they are now, so maybe we’ll see a fairy-tale like the what happened to Greece in 2004? It didn’t get them all the way through though, as Hungary snuck in a goal at the end of the game.

Austria-Portugal gave us the second game without goals. Ronaldo got a penalty and took it himself. His hair looked better than the shot, as he hit the post. He might be happy with the match though, as he did not ruin his fashionable hairstyle. Austria played well and should have got a goal during the second half, but they failed to get one.

Yesterday’s Fixtures – 18. June
Author: Lenny
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