Yesterday’s Match – Germany-Italy

Yesterday’s Match – Germany-Italy

Germany and Italy was the two teams with the best defensive record before this game: Germany had not conceded any goals, while Italy had only conceded one goal. That was against Ireland in a game that was totally meaningless for Italy. So before this game we all knew that the chances would be few. The official statistics from the game shows that both teams had three shots at goal during the 120 minutes of football. One of them was the penalty kick awarded to Italy.

It was no surprise that this game ended with a draw and that we would have to watch an entertaining penalty shootout. And it became one of the most entertaining shootouts in recent history. In the first five penalties, both teams missed three. It is incredible that some of the best footballers in Europe can show such a lack in ability to score from the penalty spot. One might believe that the fact that two of the best goalkeepers in the world would have something to do with it, but most of the misses actually came from the shooter to miss the goal. The later shooters did a much better job, but the shootout ended with a 6-5 victory for Germany. But Buffon was very close to saving it, so we were only a very small way from watching Neuer and Buffon trying to score on each other.

Germany will now face France or Iceland in the semi-finals.

Yesterday’s Match – Germany-Italy
Author: Lenny
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