Founded in 2005, in Germany, Sofort (currently undergoing a name change to Klarna) is one of the ever-growing numbers of online payment service providers catering to the shopping and leisure needs of our digital age. As part of the Payment Network AG, customers should feel reassured that this is a stable brand, and indeed it boasts that Sofort is the brand behind over 2 million transactions each month!

That being said, perhaps unsurprisingly given its country of origin, Sofort is most popular among users in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium. However, the online world knows no boundaries, and users in other countries can happily use Sofort to shop online. But that’s not all. Sofort is also becoming a more popular method for gamers to use when playing at online casinos. Read on to find out why.

  • Fees: 0% for deposits but fees may apply for withdrawals
  • Deposit: Instant
  • Cash out: Varies; read each Casino’s terms and conditions carefully
  • Overall Rating: 7/10


Making a deposit into your online casino account using Sofort couldn’t be easier. The beauty of using this method is that your bank details are kept 100% safe as Sofort acts as the middle man between your casino account and your bank account. You simply supply the casino’s bank details, the amount you want to deposit, enter your bank details and Sofort does the transfer, instantly, without ever giving the casino your precious sensitive information.

The only downside is that, although growing in number, not every casino will accept Sofort as a deposit method and even fewer allow you to use it to withdraw your winnings. For those that do allow withdrawals, the process is again relatively simple. Select Sofort as your withdrawal method and simply follow the online instructions – again Sofort acts as the go-between, so your bank details are never revealed to the casino.


  1. Make sure your chosen casino offers Sofort as a withdrawal method
  2. Select Sofort as your withdrawal method and follow the online instructions
  3. Withdrawals are paid directly to your bank account


On the whole, there are no transaction fees for using Sofort itself. With a few clicks, you can simply create your Sofort account and start spending from your bank balance. What’s more, most Uk betting sites and casinos that accept Sofort as a deposit method also allow you to make deposits free of charge. Take note, though, that some may impose a minimum deposit limit, but often this is a nominal amount of the order of £10.

At present, only a small number of online casinos allow the use of Sofort as a means of cashing out your winnings. This method is becoming more and more popular since, as has been mentioned, your bank details are kept securely hidden from the casino itself. Withdrawals generally do attract a fee, usually a percentage of the transaction amount, so do make sure that you read the terms and conditions at your chosen casino carefully.



Security is where Sofort comes into its own, and is the main reason why it is continuing to grow in popularity as a payment method for shoppers and especially for online gamers. As previously mentioned, Sofort acts as the middle man between you and your casino of choice. What’s more any data transfer uses top-of-the-range AES-256-bit secured SSL connections. Your bank details are never passed to the casino, eliminating any possibility hackers hijacking them!

Now, if you are thinking that this sounds too good to be true, then we are happy to say that you would be wrong. Through its use of careful monitoring and one-off verification codes for every transaction, Sofort is currently able to stand by a very proud record of never yet having to deal with a case where its system has been misused. In this technological age, that is quite some achievement!


In the event that you do have a problem with a Sofort transaction, the Sofort website offers a small FAQ section, with the answers to the most common queries. Should you not be able to find the answer to your problem there, the website provides the contact details for a telephone hotline, but this is only available for customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and it is not available 24/7.

However, if you have had a problem relating to the use of Sofort with an online casino, your first, and most probably best, the port of call should be the customer services support options offered by that casino. Whilst these vary from casino to casino, the majority these days tend to offer reasonably comprehensive FAQ sections as well as email contact at the very minimum. Most also offer a live chat service, sometimes even available 24/7. This information can be found in our online casino reviews.


When looking to play at a new casino, one of the attractions for many players is the variety of ways that can be used to transfer real money too, and from, their player account. These days most casinos will accept deposits by direct bank transfer, from credit/debit cards or via an extensive range of e-Wallets. Sofort is another addition to this payment method range, albeit one restricted to EU players.

However, the difference between Sofort and many of these other methods is that you don’t have a Sofort account. Instead, Sofort is merely the messenger, as it were, between your bank and your player accounts. So, there is, in fact, only one way to fund your player account using Sofort – directly from your bank account. Transfers are instantaneous, so always make sure you have sufficient funds in your bank account before initiating a transfer!


Sofort is a useful addition to the range of electronic payment methods like Revolut available to shoppers and gamblers. The main pros are the excellent security and instantaneous nature of any transfer of funds. The cons and there are some, are the restricted availability of this payment method, essentially limited to EU players only, and the fact that while many casinos accept Sofort as a deposit method, far fewer allow withdrawals.