Zimpler is a fintech (financial technology) company based in Sweden. The brain-child of its two founders Johan Friis and Kristofer Ekman Sinclair, it has been in operation since 2012 when it was founded in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Since then it has accumulated over 112,00 users with offices in both founding cities and Berlin. It is currently available in Sweden and Finland with plans to expand further in the European market.

Zimpler allows its users to link their various financial accounts under one application, thus providing a unified view of their finances whilst offering a single payment method that covers different accounts. Furthermore, Zimpler’s philosophy extends to educating its users in financial literacy, motivation, and skills and to this extent provides a number of tools aimed at improving its users’ finances through behavioural science methods and budgets to reign in overspending.

  • Fees: 0-24%
  • Deposit: NA
  • Cash out: Less than 2 minutes
  • Overall Rating: 8/10


Zimpler simplifies deposit and withdrawals to and from UK casino sites. Depositing money is done by choosing the Zimpler option as the payment method. From there on, the mobile phone number associated with the Zimpler account needs to be entered, after which a code will be sent by SMS to that number. Once confirmation is done, the user is free to choose their preferred account for that payment and once confirmed, payment is done.

Users can also withdraw money from their online casino account just as easily as depositing funds. If a Zimpler withdrawal is being done for the first time, bank account information needs to be entered, after which it will be saved for future withdrawals. Once confirmed, a code will be sent via SMS which once entered and confirmed allows the funds to be withdrawn accordingly in 2 minutes or less.


  1. Linked bank account, 2 minutes or less


Using Zimpler carries no fees for the most part when paying through invoice some fees may be applicable. When using the invoice payment, Zimpler pays on your behalf (subject to approval and restrictions) which monies are then owed to Zimpler within 14 days. Late payments carry a reminder fee of 60 SEK and 24% interest rate. The invoice can be sent via SMS, e-mail or regular mail.

The fee structure for using the invoice payment method ranges from 9 SEK to 49 SEK, but Zimpler users should always consult the latest terms and conditions to ensure they are aware of the latest fee structures. When using any other payment method fees may be applied by the institution that holds the account, so it is always advisable to check with them before making any financial decisions.


Zimpler aims to make the experience of using their services not only simple but also very secure. Security is always very important, and it is even more so when it comes to financial transactions. Any personal and financial information provided during the usage of the service is strictly protected by any applicable laws and regulations which in the EU is protected under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

When depositing or withdrawing money through Zimpler, several layers of security are employed to ensure the best possible security. The first layer is a unique code which is sent by SMS, thus confirming that the person affecting the transaction is the owner of the account. For Visa and Mastercard payments, 3D-Secure (also known as Verify by Visa / Mastercard) is used which sends an approval code and confirmation request before proceeding with the transaction.


Zimpler’s support team will gladly answer all of your questions about payments as well as any personal account related issues. On their website, they have an extensive support centre where customers can enter a search term or a question and find related information. One can also browse through their support centre articles and medium channel which includes information about Zimpler accounts, payment methods, and other news and information.

However, if a customer is unable to find information on their website or one has an issue that needs to be resolved, it is also possible to reach out to the support team via e-mail, Facebook messenger or phone. The call centre is open between 10-17 CET from Monday to Friday, with a thirty-minute lunch break between 12:30-13:00. It is closed unfortunately on both Saturdays and Sundays.


Zimpler payments can be effected through three different options; card, bank transfer, or invoice. Choosing the invoice method allows customers to pay online and receive an invoice that can be paid using bank giro or Swish. When paying by card for the first time, the card’s details need to enter where they will be saved for future purchases. Up to 3 cards can be added with all Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards being accepted.

Before Zimpler bank payments can be carried out, the bank account details need to be registered with Zimpler. This can be accomplished by verifying one’s identity through the respective identification app used by the bank. Once the verification procedure is completed, the preferred bank account can be linked after which one-click payments are possible. Any bank payments done through Zimpler will show as a Zimpler payment on the bank account.


Zimpler has provided an app that not only allows users to manage their finances better but to serve as a one-stop-shop of sorts for both payments and withdrawals. Their focus on helping users better manage finances whilst being a good company goes a long way in inspiring confidence in their services. The addition of invoice payment can also help its users and is an innovative idea that will surely help attract and retain customers.