Revolut is a startup fintech company with a promise of changing the way people bank. With an easy to use the app, a pre-paid card and no fees for doing most business, Revolut is quickly becoming the preferred method of payment for many people across the globe. From gaming to grocery-shopping, Revolut can be a handy companion when it comes to withdrawing and making payments both online and offline.

Revolut is growing at an astounding rate, as more people shy away from banks and hefty fees towards a more flexible and up-to-date way to manage one’s money. Due to its very nature as a pre-paid VISA or MasterCard, Revolut works out of the box pretty much everywhere with little to no fuss and with many security options not quite available with the more traditional banks.

  • Fees: 0%
  • Deposit: Instant, Free
  • Cash out: Instant, Free (limited)
  • Overall Rating: 9/10


Depositing to Revolut can be done within the Revolut app itself. Once the app has been installed and activated, money can be deposited from any VISA account. Once setup, depositing to your Revolut account is as easy as pressing on the + sign in the home screen, entering the amount you wish to deposit and pressing on the “Top Up” button. Money is transferred in real-time and is available for depositing in your casino account.

To withdraw funds from your Revolut account, you have 3 options. The first, and easiest option, is to withdraw from any ATM that supports VISA or Mastercard (depending on your card). The second option is to do a bank transfer to an account of your choice. You will probably need the IBAN to do this so make sure it is handy. The third, and final, the option is to transfer funds to someone who has a Revolut account.


  1. Transfer to a bank account
  2. Withdraw from an ATM


Financial transactions via the Revolut app or card are free. The only time charges occur when making transactions using banks or ATM operators – Revolut does not have control over such charges. As a standard user you can withdraw up to €200 a month without a charge from Revolut’s side, the amount for premium is €400 and €600 for metal users. Anything above the limits will be charged 2 % of the amount you are withdrawing.

If you want to use an ATM or bank service, pay attention to their fees, generally communicated before the transaction takes place. Other additional charges, depending on your account, might include €6 for turbo transfer, £4.99 or another currency equivalent for card delivery or £11.99 if you choose Global Express Delivery. Currency exchange carries a fee of 0.5% once you exceed €6000 a month.



Revolut is a very secure way to manage your money. You have the option of using either a physical or virtual card, with the latter being available directly from the Revolut app. Cards carry a number of security features which can be switched on or off directly from the application itself, so it’s very important to make sure that the right features are switched on.

Security features include location-based security which matches your phone location to transaction location, online transactions which allows you to enable or disable the facility to process the online transaction, and ATM withdrawals which allow you to allow or deny ATM withdrawals. Other security features allow you to switch on or off swipe payments and contactless payments for full control over how you want your card to be used.


Support can be reached through Revolut itself, either through the FAQ section or by chatting directly to a Revolut representative. Their support people are generally available, and if you have an upgraded plan, you will also receive priority support from wherever you might be – all you need is an internet connection. Other support services include a concierge facility however this is not freely available with all plans.

As Revolut has a large user-base, support can be found almost anywhere online. From official to unofficial blogs, knowledge-base articles, and automated and human support, help is everywhere although, generally speaking, you should expect your experience using Revolut to be issue-free. Their support is always available 24/7, so you can feel free to raise issues or concerns at any time of day or night if you feel there is any risk whatsoever.


Revolut works together with VISA and Mastercard, therefore it can be used when depositing or withdrawing funds from an online casino. The payment method is the same as with any other VISA or Mastercard, plus you get all the perks that Revolut has to offer. There are a lot of online casinos that are accepting Revolut as a payment method, and the number is growing rapidly.

Revolut has a few advantages for online casino players. First of all, you don’t have to worry about currencies as with Revolut you can exchange your currency instantly. Revolut also offers an easy to use budgeting tool which allows players to control their spending and track each penny spent. The app also has a vault that allows you to round up what you spend and save it in a vault, making spending a way to save money.


Many people are turning to Revolut as their primary banking and money transfer solution. With fewer fees than most bank and payment methods, Revolut is an easy and accessible way of doing both online and offline transfers. Transfers are fast and generally speaking pain-free. 24/7 help is available online should something happen, meaning you don’t have to resort to expensive overseas phone calls. With multiple withdrawal options, you can get your money fast and pain-free.