Nowadays, online casino players have a wide variety of banking methods to choose from, but when it comes to payment and withdrawal methods at online casinos, there are only a few that can be compared to Visa or Mastercard. Over the years, these payment solutions have gained a stellar reputation among its customers as being one of the safest payment solutions around, and that is why almost every online casino accepts Visa and Mastercard.

Visa and Mastercard allow for fast and convenient transactions whether you are making a deposit or withdrawing your winnings. It is also one of the safest banking methods, which means that you can have peace of mind knowing that your personal information, as well as your funds, are safe at all times. So, next time you are isolating one online casino from another, make sure that your online casino of choice accepts Visa or Mastercard.

  • Fees: Depends on the bank you are with
  • Deposit: Within 24 hours
  • Cash-out: 1 – 3 business days
  • Overall Rating: 8/10


When you set up your account at an online casino or sports betting site, you will have the option to choose your desired payment method for making a deposit or a withdrawal. If you wish to use Visa/Mastercard, simply click on the relevant symbol on the cashier page of the online casino’s site and you are good to go. Online casinos usually have a minimum deposit and withdrawal amount requirement, but this differs from one online casino to another.

To make deposits and withdrawals using a Visa/Mastercard at an online casino is a simple and quick procedure that will require you to enter your 16-digit Visa/Mastercard number and your name (exactly as it is written on the front of your card), the expiry date on your card and the CVV number at the back of your card. It is exactly the same as when shopping online and easy as pie.


  1. 1-5 working days for withdrawn money to be visible in your Visa/Mastercard balance.
  2. The same card must be used for deposits and withdrawals


The fees charged when making a payment at an online casino using your Visa/Mastercard depends on the casino you are depositing in. Because the industry is so competitive, you will find many online casinos that offer free transactions, but if a casino charges you a fee, it is usually between 2- 3% of your deposit amount. Usually, when your deposit amount exceeds a certain value, these fees might be dropped.

When you want to withdraw using a Visa/Mastercard, it is practically done in the same way as when making a deposit. You will need to enter your card details, using the same card that you used to make a deposit, and the funds will reflect on your Visa/Mastercard balance after 1 – 5 business days. The fees charged for withdrawals also depends on the online casino, just like when making a deposit.



The biggest perks of using a credit card are that it is easy to use and allows for big spending, even if you don’t have the funds immediately available. But, because of this convenience factor, it also comes with a bigger risk. If your Visa/Mastercard ends up in the wrong hands, you might find yourself in some debt. Thankfully Visa/Mastercard are internationally renowned and respected because they invest serious effort in tightening up their security.

Both online casinos and credit card providers use SSL encryption technologies that ensure the safety of your personal data and transactions. In the past credit card users simply swiped their cards but to increase security, the chip and pin technology was introduced. To make it even more secure, credit card companies recently added the 2-step verification process which means that it is virtually impossible for fraudsters to access your data.


When you run into a problem or have a question when it comes to your hard-earned cash, immediate assistance from your credit card provider is crucial. Thankfully both Visa/Mastercard offers impeccable support 24/7. Both offer various platforms that can be utilised if you require any help and the staff are friendly, efficient and extremely knowledgeable. Online casinos also offer support to players, but the quality of the support depends on the casino itself. Details of customer support available are always listed in our online casino reviews.

Visa/Mastercard users can either email, call the customer assistance centre, use the live chat option or send Visa/Mastercard a message via social media. The live chat option is the most efficient, but all options offer decent and fast support. Both Visa/Mastercard also offers a FAQ section that is incredibly detailed and easy to use. So, when it comes to customer support, both credit card providers get full marks.


Depositing money to your Visa/Mastercard is a straightforward, fast and convenient procedure. For both credit and debit cards, you will need to deposit a minimum amount into your account before the card can be used, but this amount depends on the country where your card was issued. And, if you would like to credit your account once your card is activated, you can choose from various convenient deposit methods.

The easiest method is to transfer funds into your account via internet banking. The funds will generally reflect in your Visa/Mastercard balance within 1-5 working days. You also have the option to deposit cash into your account at the bank that issued your card or use an ATM to make a deposit after which the money should reflect on your Visa/Mastercard balance within 24 hours of making the deposit.


Many payment solutions can be used when making a deposit or withdrawal at an online casino, but Visa/Mastercard is undoubtedly the payment solution that is the most widely accepted. Both Visa and Mastercard have an impeccable reputation, fantastic security technology and are widely used. Players can deposit and withdraw large amounts, plus both payment solutions offer rewards whenever you spend money when playing at an online casino.