First day of the Olympics – What You Need To Know

After witnessing a very nice and worthy opening ceremony for what will surely be some great Olympic Games, it’s now the time to get down to business. We have already had a sneak-peak by watching some football before today, but it’s from now on that things will really start to happen. It’s time for the Olympics, and it’s also time to make some plans on how to watch it.

The most important thing is to know that it will be BBC that will have all the broadcasting rights in the UK. This means that we only have to check with one single broadcaster when it comes to which events will be broadcasted when, and it makes the entire process a little bit more easy to follow. Surely, all viewers will be made aware of the competitions that involves British favourites well ahead of the start, so just follow the broadcasting to know what is coming up by the hour.

It’s also important to be aware of the time difference. Rio de Janeiro is situated far to the west across the Atlantic, which means that we will have a four-hour time difference. This means that some of your favourite sports can be broadcasted in the middle of the night, so you should be prepared to get to bed late at times. On the first day of the Olympics we’ll have some late performances in handball, football, basketball, swimming, volleyball and land hockey.

The same will be true for most of the days of the games, so it could be a good idea to plan a little bit ahead if you don’t have the opportunity to stay up all night, all the days. Check out the programme and find out which days are most important to you, and plan to get some extra sleep ahead of those days.

First day of the Olympics – What You Need To Know
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