Lohkovaiheen viimeinen kierros: Ketkä pääsevät jatkoon?

There will only be two third places eliminated in this championship. All the 4th places and the two worst 3rd places are going at the end of this round. This gives us a difficult mathematical analysis.

Group A

France is already through to the round of 16. It is very unlikely for Switzerland to be knocked out as they already have four points. Romania might be one of the 3rd places to be knocked out if they don’t beat Albania.

Group B

Russia hasn’t been impressing anyone, and I don’t think they will get more than one point against Wales. They are likely to finish 4th. All the other teams have one victory each, which means that they will probably reach the next round.

Group C

Ukraine is already out. Germany is already ready for the next round. Poland has four points and will get through, while Northern-Ireland has three points. They have a good chance to go to the next round with 3rd place.

Group D

Spain is ready for the next round. Croatia has four points, while Czech Republic-Turkey will settle the 3rd place. Turkey has been looking awful, but they might still beat Czech Republic. Unless this game ends with a draw, this group’s 3rd place will move on.

Group E

Ireland or Sweden will finish 3rd here. Sweden have been looking even worse than Turkey, having played two games without managing a single shot at goal. I will be very surprised if Sweden or Ireland ends up with more than two points, making this one of the two groups where the 3rd place will not go to the next round.

Group F

The toughest group to predict. Iceland has two points before facing Austria. We should be used to seeing them surprising the world by now, and I think they will manage at least one point against Austria. Portugal has yet to win a game, but they should manage it against Hungary. Austria will finish 4th, and Iceland will go to the next round as one of the best 3rd places.

Lohkovaiheen viimeinen kierros: Ketkä pääsevät jatkoon?
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