Päivän ottelut – Sunnuntaina 19. kesäkuuta

Today marks the beginning of the final round of the group play. It will begin with group A. This means that we will have Romania-Albania and France-Switzerland. This is the table as it stands:

France: 6
Switzerland: 4
Romania: 1
Albania: 0

France is already guaranteed to reach the round of 16, but I can guarantee that they want to secure the 1st place. There’s no way that they will be complacent about this game. A Swiss victory will rob France of 1st place. An Albanian victory against Romania will kick the latter out of the championship, while Romania has to win to have a chance at the 2nd place.

Likely outcomes

On paper, the most likely outcome is for France to beat Switzerland, while Romania beats Albania. This will put France on top, while goal differences will settle things between Switzerland and Romania. France was resting their players already in the 2nd game of the championship, for instance Paul Pogba. It must be said that this was against Albania, and that they may not take the game against Switzerland as lightly. The winner will face the 3rd place of group C, D or E, while the 2nd place will face the 2nd place in group C, most likely Poland. France knows that it’s better to win this group. Romania-Albania will be almost like a semi-knockout game, where the winner can secure a place in the round of 16.

Päivän ottelut – Sunnuntaina 19. kesäkuuta
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