Puolivälieräanalyysi – Saksa–Italia

If anyone is claiming that this is not the most exciting game of the quarter finals, you know that person is either completely ignorant of football or just someone who is desperate for attention. Germany and Italy are two of the biggest superpowers in the entire history of football, and they will meet each other face to face on Saturday. This will be almost exactly ten years since they met in the semi-finals of the 2006 World Cup, where Italy went on to the final and won the cup. They also met in the semi-final of the last European Championship. In other words: Germany has a lot to make up for here.

Italy is the team with the best defensive reputation, but it is Germany that has the best defensive record out of the two of them in this tournament. Germany has not conceded any goals, while Italy has conceded only one. It must be added that that goal was against Ireland in a game that Italy did not really care about as they already had secured the first place in the group.

This tells us that we can expect a tense game with a lot of nerves, but with few big chances. The defensive works of Italy might be the decisive factor in this game. Most of their defenders know each other from Juventus.

Puolivälieräanalyysi – Saksa–Italia
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