The Olympic Logotype – What it Means

It’s not only corporate brands that needs and puts a great emphasis on branding. It’s just as important for events like the Olympic Games. The Olympic Rings might actually be one of the best known brands in the world. But every single host city also needs branding for their particular games, and Rio de Janeiro is no exception to this rule. Not only is it nice, but it’s also very fitting.

The great diversity of Brazil

As everybody who has ever visited Brazil knows, it’s one of the most diverse countries on this planet when it comes to the population. We could see this clearly in the symbolism of the 2014 Football World Cup, and we see it very clear in this year’s Olympic Games, also. The most notable feature of the brand is all the colours. We can find many shades of blue, green and orange, and they all mix with each other while being strong and independent at the same time. In the middle of the picture we can see a green line forming as a hilltop with a cross on top of it. It can’t be any doubt as to what this is symbolising. It is of course the great Jesus-statue that Rio de Janeiro is so famous for.

One of Rio’s key features

The diversity of the population is one of the most striking features of Brazil in general and Rio in particular. Therefore, this is definitely a very fitting symbolism, as it presents the city and the inhabitants by the aspect it may be most well known for. The Olympic Games is one of the best ways for a city to show itself as what it wants to be, and the designers have succeeded in this.

Nature, as well

But it isn’t only the people who’s a part of the symbolism in the branding. The nature and the environment we all share on this planet also has a strong part of it. This is especially the colours green and blue. These are strongly connected with forests and oceans. Both of these are among the things most threatened by modern day climate changes and pollution. Brazil is home to large parts of the biggest rain forest in the world, the Amazon. This is under great threat due to illegal lumbering, and the symbolism of the Olympic branding might help getting more focus on this.

The Olympic Logotype – What it Means
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