Yesterday’s Fixtures – 20. June

Group B finished yesterday with Wales-Russia and Slovakia-England. The outcome was that Wales surprisingly won the group while England had to settle for 2nd place. Slovakia finished 3rd with four points, and has only a very theoretical chance of not reaching the round of 16. Russia is leaving us.

Wales-Russia was the final bad performance in a championship where I now have to say that Russia looks like the biggest disappointment so far. They had a good finish to the qualification stages, and even though the friendlies before the championship didn’t look too good I could never imagine that Russia would be as weak as we have seen. We’ve got to give it to Wales, though – they put up a good performance yesterday – but I think the main thing was that Russia has simply been awful.

Slovakia-England was a game where both seemed to be quite happy with a draw, although England did make an effort to win. The same can’t be said about Slovakia, and the game ended 0-0. It became clear from the first minute that they had no intention of attacking. Unlike many others, I think that’s fair enough. If you only need a draw, there’s no need to risk losing. The coach’s job is to get his team as far as he can, not to entertain neutral viewers.

Yesterday’s Fixtures – 20. June
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