Baccarat Wordlist

Baccarat Wordlist

Baccarat is a fun and highly entertaining game played in casinos all over the world. The origins of the game are unclear, but it is thought to have first developed in Italy. By the 1800s it had become a popular game in the noble houses of France. As with many things, different versions developed over time. The game eventually made its way to England and even into popular culture thanks to Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels.

There are three different versions of Baccarat available: Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque. Punto Banco is the most common variant with players and the banker assuming their unchanging roles throughout the game. Chemin de Fer allows players to take turns at playing banker. Baccarat Banque also allows players to assume the role of the banker, holding that position until the end of the game. Read on for an introduction to some of the most commonly used Baccarat terms.

Baccarat is a game played between player and banker, but in online games other players can also bet on the outcome. Bets are placed on the three possible outcomes – player wins, banker wins or tie. Two cards each are then dealt to the player and banker, and the point total is calculated. Both player and banker, following very specific rules, can draw a third card. The winner is the hand scoring closest to 9.

Face cards and 10’s count as 0, all other cards count at face value, with Ace scoring 1 point. For total scores greater than 10, the 10 is removed. So a 9+5 equals 14, remove 10 to score 4. Like other card games, Baccarat is the name of the game and the name of a very specific hand. However, the baccarat hand is the worst hand you can get, scoring 0, a far cry from that 9 needed to win the game.

Hands and bets


One of the terms you will hear most frequently when playing Baccarat is coup, which is one complete round of the game. There are only 2 hands in the coup, the banker’s and player’s. It starts with the placing of wagers and ends when the final card totals are determined. There are three possible outcomes – player wins, banker wins or there’s a tie. You place your wager on one of those outcomes for each coup of Baccarat.

The Banker Bet is, as its name suggests, a wager that the banker or dealer will have the best hand. Wins are paid out at 1:1, but there is always a small commission deducted. The Player Bet favours the punter to win, again with a payout of 1:1, less commission. The Tie bet pays out at 8:1 given that ties happen rarely. The coup doesn’t take much time and is usually much quicker than in other card games.

La Grande is a French term that translates into English as “The Big One”. You achieve La Grande when the first two cards that you are dealt add up to 9. These can be low or high value cards. This is also sometimes called a Natural Baccarat that totals 9. It is the best card combination that you can get in all variants of Baccarat games. The hand that is dealt La Grande wins the coup automatically.

La Petite is another French term meaning “The Little One”. La Petite is the second-best hand in a Baccarat game. You achieve La Petite if the value of your first two cards is equal to 8. For example if you’re dealt a 5 and a 3 cards, or a 6 and 2 cards. If either the player or the banker gets either La Grande or Le Petite, they will not get an additional card and their hand is considered complete.

Monkey is a slang term for useless cards such as face cards and cards with number 10. It’s thought that originally face cards were referred to as monarchy cards, and that over time this was corrupted to monkey. Muck refers to the pile of cards used at the start of any baccarat session. There are usually either 6 or 8 decks of the standard 52 packs of cards that will be shuffled together before the start of the game.

A natural hand is one that amounts to 8 or 9 using only the first 2 cards dealt for each hand. This hand grants the very lucky owner an automatic win, unless it’s a tie in which case the coup ends without an outright winner. If your natural hand is an 8 and the opposing hand is a 9, the 8 hand loses. However, if you draw a natural, the banker cannot draw a third card, which can also help you win.

If, at the end of a coup, the score for both player’s and banker’s hands is the same, this is declared a tie or a Push. There is no outright winner or loser. This is one of the three possible outcomes in baccarat and is also referred to as a Standoff. The money wagered on player or banker to win is held until the next round where it is played again without having to place a new bet.

Let’s look at one last term, as it is important in the different versions of baccarat. The term shooter refers to the bank. When playing the Punto Banco version of Baccarat, you have one shooter, usually assigned by the casino. In the Chemin de Fer version, on the other hand, the banker’s duties are assigned to each player in turn. So there you have a brief round up of some of the most common terms used in baccarat. We hope you find them helpful.

Baccarat Wordlist
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