Betting on Football

Betting on Football

Betting regularly on football really requires some more detailed knowledge of the game and the various bet types. So we’ve written this handy football betting guide so that you’ll have a better idea of the bets and markets out there. Let SuperLenny help you find the best odds, place your wagers most profitably and more. We’ll also give you an insight into tips and predictions. So relax, read our guide and happy betting!

When it comes to football betting, opportunities are huge. The sport is played worldwide, and all year round. There are so many leagues, from major ones like the Premier League and the Bundesliga to lesser-known markets, that for a beginner the problem is which one to choose. Then there are the different bet types that you need to know about – it’s not just about who wins or loses!

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the different bet types. You can put your money on the match result, or try a handicap bet. You can wager on the correct half-time score or the final score; on the total number of goals scored or the first player to score and so on. You can make combo, accumulator or parlay bets. The possibilities are almost endless! Read on to find out more.

The most common wager in football betting is a match or 1×2 bet. This is a straightforward bet where you wager on the final full-time result of a game. There are three possible outcomes: the home team wins, there’s a draw, or the away team wins. As the final result is the thing that most fans are interested in, this bet type is usually at the top of any sportsbook.

  • Match or 1×2 bets are the most common bet type for football
  • Match bets predict the final result of a game

Another popular bet type is the handicap bet, sometimes known as the Asian handicap, the spread, points or line bet. The aim of this bet type is to “level the playing field” by giving both teams a goal handicap. So the favourite team gets a goals deficit handicap (-), whilst the underdog gets a goals advantage handicap (+). For example, if Arsenal were playing Wolves, Arsenal might be the favourite to win, so might be given a -1 goal handicap.

This would give you Arsenal(-1) and Wolves(+1) at specific odds. If you bet on Arsenal and the final score was 2-1, then each score has first to be adjusted by the handicap. This would result in Arsenal 2-1=1 and Wolves 1+1=2. So Wolves would in fact “win” the match and your bet would lose. Keep in mind that this is a complex bet type, so familiarise yourself with the odds and the teams before wagering your money.

  • Handicap bets are more complex than match bets
  • The actual final score is adjusted by the handicap to produce the final score for the bet

Double chance bets

Double Chance bets are a great way to reduce your risk, as you are able to wager on two different results for a single match. Even though it gives you lower odds, it increases your chances of winning. Let’s say Chelsea plays at home against Arsenal in the Premier League. You can place a Double Chance bet on Arsenal (x2). This way you win if Arsenal wins, or the match is a draw.

Tournament betting

Tournaments are also popular choices among bettors, and they are seen as long-term punts. You needn’t restrict yourself to betting on the winner of a specific tournament, like Brazil winning the Copa America or Benfica winning the Portuguese Primeira Liga. There is a multitude of outcomes you can wager on with this type of football betting, such as who’ll reach the semi-finals of a league or which team will fall at the group stage of a tournament.

Betting on individual players

However, it’s not only the outcome of a game or tournament that matters when it comes to football betting. Players are important too and you can wager on whether individual players will win various accolades. Bets can be put on specific objectives, like who will win Man of the Match in a specific game or the Best Player title in a tournament. These are called pre-tournament bets, but you can also wager on events happening during matches.

For example, you can bet on whether an individual player will be the first one to score, or hit the crossbar or even be sent off. There’s really a myriad of actions happening during a game to each and every player, so most markets will adapt and adjust the type of event that you can bet on during a game depending on its stature. These performance-related bets can really be quite enthralling.

There are also plenty of special events that you can put your money on, and not all of them have to do with the game per se. Who’ll be the next manager being sacked in the Premier League? Who will win Manager of the Year? There are also extensive club and player transfer markets. These special events are great ways to enliven your football betting and keep up the excitement especially in the offseason.

Let’s say you’re a Premier League fan. You may want to bet on who the next Everton manager will be, or which club will be crowned the Top London Club. You can also put your wagers on the destiny of individual players and managers in the top five European Leagues. Will Bruno Fernandes leave Sporting Club de Portugal? For how long will Antonio Conte remain as Inter Milan’s manager? Will Gareth Bale leave Real Madrid?

In-play and live stream football betting have grown in popularity over the years, as they offer a really exciting way for punters everywhere to place their wagers. High-speed internet also plays a major role in these types of bets, as they can be put on in a matter of seconds, from virtually anywhere. Bookmakers have also embraced the possibilities that live stream and in-play betting has brought to the world of sports betting.

Live stream and in-play bets give you the opportunity to wager on an event while it’s occurring. While watching a match, you can adjust your bets midway depending on how the game is developing. This opens up the possibility of making fresh bets to maximise your profits. You don’t even have to stick to a bet on the final score. You can bet on who’s going to score the next goal, or get the next yellow card!

Cashing Out has arisen in association with live betting and gives you the opportunity to minimise your losses, and maybe even make some gains if you feel that the final result won’t be favourable. Basically, cashing outlets you settle your bet before the game has finished. Of course, the amount of money you’ll receive depends on how likely it is that your bet would win at the time you cash out.

We hope this quick overview of football betting will have whetted your appetite for the different ways you can add even more excitement to your enjoyment of the game of football. There is a myriad of betting possibilities, and with hundreds of professional and semi-professional leagues and thousands of players and managers to wager on, football betting can be one of the most profitable types of betting in the sportsbook world. Use our guide to sharpen your skills!

Betting on Football
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