Jose Mourinho Bookies’ Favourite to Replace Unai Emery

Jose Mourinho Bookies’ Favourite to Replace Unai Emery

Reaching Top Spot


Arsenal is looking for a new manager, but things just got a little closer in the race for the job when odds on Jose Mourinho recently got slashed. have reported dramatically cutting his odds from 16/1 down to 4/1 putting him in joint top spot alongside Massimiliano Allegri to take over from Unai Emery when he leaves the post.

It may come as a surprise to hear that Jose Mourinho is now a joint favourite. After his sacking from Manchester United in 2018, he has been out of work – manager work that is! Instead, he’s been a pundit for Sky Sports and even been linked to other high profile positions including heading back to Real Madrid in this interim period.

He has mentioned recently though, that he’s ready to return to a manager position and this sudden influx of bets on him seems to be in favour of this too. After all, he did have a successful run with both Manchester United and Chelsea in previous years. Maybe he can give Arsenal the boost they need right now too.

Changing It Up For Arsenal


But why is there this sudden interest in a change of Arsenal manager? Unai Emery hasn’t been in charge for that long, so a new manager is rather unexpected. Or is it? Despite there being no outward sign of an imminent sacking, Emery has been under some pressure as the club has won just four of their first ten games this Premier League season. And when he paid tribute to David Villa after the former Spain striker announced his retirement, his message to the player on Twitter was soon flooded with replies calling for his immediate departure from Emirates Stadium.

It seems that Mourinho is making a bid for this spot regardless. Reports also suggest that he would definitely consider taking on the role if he were to be offered it. And it looks like the fans are backing him – let’s be honest, if a team needs someone to improve their defence, Mourinho is the man to do it.

Mourinho may have left Manchester United on bad terms, and have been on the wrong side of Arsene Wenger when the latter was manager of Arsenal, but the man is still a great coach. However, while Mourinho does have the capabilities to turn a team around, it’s not always in the most entertaining of ways. But maybe Arsenal fans need some positives.

There’s another added bonus to getting Mourinho on board at Arsenal, and that’s his relationship with Mesut Ozil. Mourinho and the German footballer worked well together back at Real Madrid. Having Mourinho join the Arsenal fold could help rekindle this footballer’s talents, pushing Arsenal back into a top spot as the real contenders they have been in the past.

It’s not all about Mourinho though. As we’ve mentioned, Massimiliano Allegri is joint top favourite. The Italian is an acknowledged master tactician, something that has been very much in evidence when looking at previous teams he has overseen. Both Juventus and AC Milan dominated under his tenure, clearly giving Allegri the status of most successful coach at this current time, and a great fit for Arsenal.

There are also several other highly touted trainers all lying very close behind according to the bookies. Of course, these odds can change easily from one week to the next. However, other current top contenders include Erik ten Hag at 8/1, Brendan Rodgers at 10/1 and Patrick Vieira at 6/1. Each of these bring unique skills, and all have the capability to help turn Arsenal around.

At this time this is all very much up in the air. After all, Emery was only hired in 2018 and, despite being unable to turn the team around just yet, has really not had the time to do so. There’s also no actual reports of him leaving either. So while the fans might want a change, right now this could just be a pipe dream.

Jose Mourinho Bookies’ Favourite to Replace Unai Emery
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