French Roulette Strategies

French Roulette Strategies

There are three different roulette types, but French Roulette is arguably the most exciting of them all. Why is this? Well, although following traditional roulette rules in general, there are a few additional options for players to take advantage of, that can help you earn some big money.

Regular Roulette Rules


For all games, players will need to use their chips to place their bets on the paytable. This can be on a specific number, groups of numbers or even on red/black or odd/even. For all roulette wheels, there are minimum and maximum bets in place.

Bets can still be placed even when the wheel is spinning but not once the ball is dropped or when the dealer has stopped bets. Once the ball has landed in a pocket, the number is announced, the dealer clears away the losing bets and pays the winners.

Types of Roulette Bets


All roulette wheels have similar pay tables. There are two main types of betting options – outside or inside bets. Outside bets pay out less as there’s a higher probability of them occurring. Odd/even and red/black bets fall under this option, as do bets on columns or lines of numbers.

For higher payouts you can check out the inside bet options. But these will have a significantly lower probability of occurring. Picking just a single number will result in the highest payout, but, with 37 pockets, will have the lowest probability – it’s up to you to gamble!

Why is French Roulette different?


French and European Roulette are actually very similar in that they both only have the single zero pocket rather than the extra double zero pocket present in American Roulette. However, where French Roulette sets itself apart is in the additional betting options available to players.

Roulette House Edges

  • American Roulette – 5.26%
  • European Roulette – 2.7%
  • French Roulette – 1.35%

Extra French Bets!

The first of these extra betting options is the La Partage rule. When playing La Partage, when the ball lands on the green zero, you get half of your bet back. However, this will only occur if you have placed an even money bet.

En Prison rules (essentially your money or bet goes to prison), mean that your bets are kept for a second round – if the ball lands in the green zero pocket. This gives you a second chance to see if your original bet will actually pay out.

How Do These Betting Options Help?


For both of these options, it means that your bankroll is stretched further. That’s right, it means you can keep on playing for longer and have a greater chance of scoring that winning ball and pocket combination. That’s why knowing the house edge is so good for players.

By using these two French rules you also have the chance to manage your bankroll more efficiently. Efficient management will see you able to once again stretch out your money and possibly enjoy greater success at the wheel over a longer period of time.

Additional Differences

As well as having these extra rules, French Roulette is also set up differently, particularly in comparison to American Roulette. The pay table is somewhat different, with the outside bets found on both the left and right of the table, not just on the left as in American.

Multiple Bets

Players new to French Roulette may also get confused by the multiple bets that are usually placed by each player. By placing more than one bet, players increase their action and wagering possibilities. You can place called bets too, as long as you have enough chips on the table.

Wagering Terms

French Roulette also has six distinct wagering terms for you to know. The first is ‘passe’ and this means an even bet. ‘Impair’ is simply the word for Odds bets. You’ll likely pick these up very quickly and sound like a pro in no time.

Of course, you’ll need to remember the two specific rule names too if you want to set them in motion. Especially if you’re at a live casino game. Make sure you communicate your desires clearly to the croupier so that you don’t miss out.

How Many Bets?


We’ve said that you can place multiple bets, but did you know that this can be as many as 12! These bets can all be placed at the same time on the table with players announcing to the dealer ‘Complete Bet on Seven’ to make their intentions known.

Three More French Roulette Bets

There are three final betting options to be aware of: Voisins du Zero, Le Tiers Du Cylindre and Orphelins. Each of these are the names for the series of numbers that they cover. Voisins du Zero is a bet of nine chips and covers splits and corner bets.

Le Tiers Du Cylindre covers 12 numbers opposite the zero that range from 27 to 33. It’s made up of 6 split bets. Orphelins is made up of the final eight numbers not covered by the other two bets. It costs 5 chips and is four split bets.

Tips for Playing French Roulette


It’s always important to play within your means. Never chase losses as this is where you’re most likely to lose most. With the option to place numerous bets at the same time, it’s a good idea to start with the even money bets as a fun entry point.

Make sure to play the En Prison or La Partage rule when it’s available on a wheel, as this will seriously improve your chances of keeping your bankroll flowing nicely. At the end of the day though, roulette is a game of chance, with no strategy guaranteeing a win.

Final Thoughts


French Roulette is a really great roulette variant, once you know all the rules. Finding a wheel offering En Prison or La Partage is the best way forward as you’ll score half your bet back, ensuring you can play for that little bit longer!

French Roulette Strategies
Author: Lenny
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