Player Profile: Gareth Bale

Player Profile: Gareth Bale
Current Club:Real Madrid
No of Euro games/goals:28/15

With an average of scoring a goal in more than every second game, Gareth Bale is one of the absolute best national team players in the entire world. Adding that he is playing for Wales, a good team, but not quite on the level of Spain or Germany, makes this statistic just more impressive. He is also one of very few British players to make a good career outside the UK.

The biggest part of his career has been spent at Tottenham, but it is understandable that he wanted to leave a club that has not managed to win the league since Jack Wilshere’s grandfather was still in school. Bale has done his things well in Real Madrid, with 47 goals in 81 matches in two years.

When Wales secured the 1st place in their group it was first and foremost thanks to Gareth Bale. This means that they have ended up on the easier side of the fixtures. It is not unlikely that we will see Wales in the semi-finals. But they must get through Northern Ireland first, and they have shown that they shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Player Profile: Gareth Bale
Author: Lenny
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