Player Profile: Paul Pogba

Player Profile: Paul Pogba
Current Club:Juventus
No games/goals:   0/0

With Franck Ribery and Karim Benzema out of the French squad, it seems clear that it is Juventus’ midfielder Paul Pogba who will have to step in and take the role as the leading star of the French team this year. This puts a lot of pressure on his young shoulders, but I think he can handle it.

Pogba has a nice season with Juventus behind him. They won the Series A with a very clear margin, and there can be no doubt that Pogba had a key role in this. He was also given a place on the 2015 UEFA Team of the year. We should also remember that he was named the best young player of the World Cup in Brazil. Since then he has grown a lot, and I will not be surprised to see him being one of the absolute best players in Euro 2016.

One of his greatest strengths is the fact that he is both powerful and creative. This means that he can play both as an offensive and a defensive midfielder. I think we can expect to see him in an offensive role in the early stages of the championship, but he might be given a more defensive role if France finds themselves in a position where they are leaning against one of the other great teams.

Player Profile: Paul Pogba
Author: Lenny
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