Player Profile: Wayne Rooney

Player Profile: Wayne Rooney


Current Club:Manchester United
No of Euro games/goals:35/19

With an average of more than one goal every second game in UEFA competitions, Wayne Rooney is one of the players with the best career in the entire championship. During his time in Manchester United, he has scored 178 goals since 2004. Some say that many of his best years is behind him, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t be the key player for an England team who has their minds set on breaking the 50-year curse.

When Rooney played in the Euro 2004 he scored four goals. At time this made him the youngest player ever to score in the tournament. Rooney is also the most scoring player ever for England. And he is still just 30 years old, so he has at least two more championships ahead of him with England.

I was going bald at 25”
– Wayne Rooney

The chances for England’s national team is a hot topic for debate in England these days. A lot of fans sees England winning the Euros as more than an unlikely dream, but still a distant possibility. It would be an extraordinary surprise if they did of course, but it would still only be the second biggest surprise in English football this year.

Player Profile: Wayne Rooney
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