Top Goal Scorer: Antoine Griezmann

Top Goal Scorer: Antoine Griezmann
Current Club:Atletico Madrid
No of Euro games/goals:7/6

It became clear at a quite early stage of the tournament that Antoine Griezmann would be up there among the candidates for top goal scorer, and from the quarter finals and all the way in he was the biggest favourite by far. He came to the final with twice as many goals as Nani, Ronaldo, Giroud and Payet. Not many people believed that any of these would be able to get past Girezmann, and they didn’t.

But it wasn’t written in the stars that he would become top goal scorer after the group stages. He did play good, but the result was only one goal for Griezmann, against Albania. This goal came in the 90th minute and was probably what gave France their three points that day, even though they got another goal far into additional time. He really started to show himself against Ireland. After a very early lead, France needed Griezmann to take the victory. Two goals in three minutes gave them just that. His 4th goal came against Iceland and was the 4-0 goal. In the semi-final he scored his last two goals of the championship. One of them was on a penalty and the other one was after a big mistake in the German defence.

Top Goal Scorer: Antoine Griezmann
Author: Lenny
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