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Lucas Collins

About Lucas

Lucas Collins author SuperLennyLucas is an editor and copywriter at SuperLenny Canada. He graduated from the University of Winnipeg, with a Bachelors in English. One of his passions is creative writing and this helped him being able to take on various freelance writing jobs. It is thanks to this that Lucas has many years of experience in the gaming industry and knows exactly what Canadian players want to see when it comes to casinos, sports and betting sites. Lucas’s ultimate favourite online casino is Dunder Casino, whilst his favourite sports betting site is by far LeoVegas. The casino industry was always something Lucas was interested in. He always made sure to check out each and every casino that launched in the industry in order to give his writing that authentic experience feel. It is thanks to this Lucas knows exactly what makes a good casino, which is the choice of games the casino offers and the welcome bonus offered by the casinos. This has helped him with mainly focusing his writing on making sure to give Canadian players that visit Superlenny Canada an honest opinion of all the different casino experiences each and every casino in the industry offers. He also writes slot reviews and gives the player a perspective of the game and what to expect. He gives the player all the information there is to know about the game and more, all it is that Canadian players need to know before signing up to a casino to start playing. 


”Playing at an online casino is just as good as at a land-based casino….”



An area which Lucas is passionate about is pushing the best online casinos to Canadian players that visit SuperLenny Canada. He is also very detailed with regards to the interests of our readers and therefore makes sure that Superlenny Canada is constantly in line with the latest regulations of online casinos. Therefore, whenever uploading or reviewing casino reviews, Lucas makes sure that they comply with the Canadian rules and regulations in the gaming industry. Every Canadian province has its own gambling laws and regulations. 

Lucas as an editor and copywriter

As things in the gaming industry constantly change and adapt to new laws and regulations, Lucas makes sure to ensure that any information provided on SuperLenny Canada with regards to online casino reviews and any other relevant information as accurate and up-to-date as possible. 

In his free time, Lucas likes to surf and travel around the world. 

If you would like to get in touch with Lucas contact him at:

[email protected]

Email reply time: Up to 48 hours.