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Dream Catcher

On this page, we take you through the exciting world of live Dream Catcher. A live game played in real-time with a live presenter at all times. Read more about the game rules, what features it has, how much can be won during the game and more! Read more

Best Dreamcatcher Casinos 2023

Guide to playing Dream Catcher

What is Dream Catcher

In an industry as fast-moving and crowded as the online casino industry, there are few events that are truly newsworthy anymore. This is not the case when it comes to Evolution Gaming, however, which has built up such a strong reputation that any new release from it is immediately worthy of our attention. This was very much the case when one of its newest titles was released in late 2017, which caused quite a stir in the industry.

Although it is very well known for its traditional online casino game offerings, Evolution Gaming had yet to venture into the money wheel category of live casino games. Although it hasn’t been producing live casino games for long, Evolution Gaming has quickly built up a name for itself as a leading developer in this space. For this reason, its first foray into the money wheel category caused quite a stir when it was announced.

Dream Catcher is Evolution Gaming’s first move into the money wheel category of live casino games. The gameplay is relatively simple. There is a massive, vertically mounted spinning wheel containing 54 coloured segments. 52 of these segments contain different numbers (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40), and there are two multiplier segments.

Although Dream Catcher has only been on the scene for a relatively short time, it has quickly built up its status as a fan favorite, with players enjoying the vibrant graphics, exciting gameplay, generous payouts, and high-quality stream broadcast live from Evolution Gaming’s studios in Riga.

Is Dream Catcher a live casino game

Dream Catcher is a live casino game in the money wheel category of Evolution Gaming’s catalogue of casino games. This means that all the action takes place live in a studio, with players joining the action in real time from the comfort of their own home.

Evolution Gaming has set up a live studio in its headquarters in Riga. All the action gets live streamed from there in high definition. A team of announcers run it in real time, with players joining in from all over the world.

The production quality is truly second to none and it is clear that Evolution Gaming has stopped at nothing to deliver the highest-quality experience possible, with lush graphics, bright lights and multiple camera angles. This makes the game feel incredibly immersive, and when coupled with the highly professional game announcers, you feel like you are right there in the casino with them.

How do you win at playing Dream Catcher

The Dream Catcher wheel consists of 54 segments in total. Of these, 52 are numbered (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40), while the remaining two segments have a multiplier bonus of x2 or x7. To win a round, all you have to do is guess where you think the wheel will land. If you guess correctly, you win.

This isn’t all there is to the game, however, and Evolution Gaming has increased the excitement by adding a range of betting and wagering options. This allows you to get strategic with your gameplay. The multiplier segments are particularly exciting and give you an opportunity to significantly increase your winnings.

Dream Catcher rules

The rules in Dream Catcher are incredibly simple, which is part of what makes the game so fun to play. All you have to do is place a bet on the number that you think the wheel will land on when it has finished spinning. Before you place your bet, you will be shown a number of betting options that allow you to vary your bet by chip size, stake and odds. When you have come to a final decision, simply place your bet and watch the action unfold! The wheel will continue to spin until it eventually comes to a stop. A small marker will indicate the winning segment, and you will be paid out in accordance with the odds and stake you accepted.

Features of Dream Catcher

By far the most exciting feature of the Dream Catcher wheel are the multiplier segments. Out of the 54 total segments, two of these are dedicated ‘multiplier segments’. If you land on either the x2 or x7 multiplier, all bets get locked in for another round and the wheel is spun again. If the wheel stops on the number you have chosen, you will get paid the initial odds you accepted the wager at, which will then be multiplied by either x2 or x7. This adds a whole new level of excitement to the gameplay and, most importantly, can significantly boost your winnings.

Another notable feature of Dream Catcher is the overall quality of the game. It is clear that Evolution Gaming has pulled out all the stops in developing Dream Catcher, and the game is simply on another level compared to some of the other live casino games out there. Having a dedicated studio space allows the production quality to be brought up to the next level, and the live casino blasts the competition out of the water. There are few studios out there that can compete with Evolution Gaming when it comes to live casino games.

Where to find an online casino that offers Dream Catcher

While a Google search will always yield results, the most efficient way of finding Dream Catcher online is to use a review website such as SuperLenny. Using SuperLenny as a search tool, you can quickly find Dream Catcher by filtering by specific game type. This will allow you to immediately find all the online casinos offering Dream Catcher.

How many times does each number appear on the money wheel

There are 54 segments in total on the money wheel, with 52 of these having a number from 1 to 10 (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40).

Here’s a breakdown of how many times each number appears on the wheel:

Return to Player (RTP) Dream Catcher money wheel

Dream Catcher has an average RTP rate of between 90.57% and 96.58%. This puts it in the same league as online slot machines in terms of the overall RTP.

Best Dream Catcher winning strategies

While there aren’t any sure-fire ways to win a game of Dream Catcher given the randomised nature of the game, there are nevertheless a few things you can do to ensure that you are playing intelligently.

Choose the 2 segment: Although it has a higher house edge than 1, this is only barely so. The 2 segment has 15 slots in total, with a slightly higher house edge. However, it pays out double the amount of the 1 segment!

Play the long game: A good way of ensuring that you stay in the game for longer and benefit from the low RTP is to make more modest wagers and to keep playing for longer.

Choose the 1 segment: As the most frequent segment, with 23 slots in total, if you choose the 1 segment, you will choose correctly more often over time. This means that you have more chances to win your money back and to keep playing for longer.

Popular questions about playing Dream Catcher at an online casino

Although you can simply type ‘Dream Catcher’ into Google and do a search that way, this is a really inefficient way of finding it. Save yourself the hassle of trawling through page after page of search results and use a website such as SuperLenny to find all the online casino platforms offering Dream Catcher in an instant. Once you have found a casino offering the game, simply click the link to get taken straight through to the website.

Canadian players can win bonuses playing Dream Catcher just like any other nationality.

Although the RTP rates of slots and live roulette games are very similar, Dream Catcher has a completely different feel to the game. With multiplier segments and an enjoyable setting, there is certainly something special about playing Dream Catcher!

While there is no set limit on how much money you can win playing Dream Catcher, it’s important to remember that this may depend on the casino through which you are playing the game. Additionally, your winnings will depend on the odds you accept for a particular wager, as well as any multiplier bonus you might have won.

As Dream Catcher is a live casino game, you will not be able to play for free.

Sign up and play Dream Catcher today!

If all this discussion about Dream Catcher has made you more excited than ever to play a game, head over to SuperLenny right away and get playing today!

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