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SuperLenny editorial principles

SuperLenny’s five editorial principles

  1. Integrity

SuperLenny prides itself on providing objective information that is in no way, shape or form influenced by other casinos. All information is factual and unbiased. SuperLenny does its utmost to ensure that it doesn’t mislead readers and highlights both the positives and negatives to give users a clear understanding of what they can expect on its site.

  1. Accuracy

With SuperLenny, the writers provide an accurate and insightful account of casino games within the library. More significantly, reviews of games are considered relevant for the target audience and all elements have been fact-checked, which will be discussed later on.

  1. Transparency

Similarly, aside from ensuring that reviews are accurate, SuperLenny wants to make sure that it is upfront with users so that they will continue to play on its site. Everything is meticulously presented so that players feel like their casino experience is fair.

  1. Freshness

Rather than have outdated information, SuperLenny has made great strides to appeal to its users by making the content easily accessible. Words carry weight on the site and the content is engaging, which grabs the user’s attention. SuperLenny, like many of its competitors, has focused on how to give its site a cutting edge.

  1. Impartiality

In much the same way as it tries to be accurate and present factual information, SuperLenny places a premium on providing content for affiliates that is impartial. SuperLenny always provides honest and unbiased information, and it isn’t influenced by what other casinos have to say on various matters.

Why does SuperLenny have editorial principles?

SuperLenny’s team is made up of industry experts. The content it publishes is designed to keep the players in the know of all the latest goings-on as well as giving them a greater understanding of the inner workings of the casino site.

Having principles in place helps maintain the site’s reputation and integrity. Also, it arms readers with the information they need before they decide whether to sign up to SuperLenny or access the promotions on offer.


Benefits of having editorial principles

What does fact-checking mean? 

Fact-checking is the process of verifying information so that it is correct and accurate. Usually, this will be done in-house.


How does the SuperLenny team fact-check?

SuperLenny has an army of fact-checkers who will cross-reference every fact they have supplied on the site, and this will pertain to all areas, including the ‘About Us’ section and cookies. Fact-checking may be laborious, but it is a vital part of site maintenance.


Do editorial principles affect players?

Essentially, editorial principles are internal. However, if there is misinformation, players will be less inclined to use the site.


Do editorial principles affect players’ rights?

Online players’ rights will be protected under consumer laws, so they don’t directly affect their rights. However, anything contained in the terms and conditions should be read fully.


Editorial principles vs freedom of speech

Editorial principles are the cornerstone of SuperLenny’s site and comments from readers are always welcomed. However, there is a distinct difference between editorial principles and freedom of speech. SuperLenny never tries to impose its views on its readers and always tries to remain impartial.

With that said, SuperLenny monitors what is put on the site. Great care is taken to ensure that the site looks professional and reflects what readers need to know about the casino industry.


What is ‘fake news’?

Fake news, otherwise known as junk news or pseudo-news, is a form of news that contains deliberate misinformation that, in turn, can damage a company’s reputation.

However, with casinos, fake news does little to endear a site to users. It is in SuperLenny’s interest to present facts as accurately as possible and without bias.


Does having editorial principles protect against ‘fake news’?

While editorial principles are designed to protect and safeguard players online, misinformation can creep in. Every effort, of course, is taken to ensure that the information presented on the site is correct.

Generally, fake news isn’t so common on casino sites. However, if there is fake news, then it will normally be flagged up immediately.


Final thoughts

Editorial principles are deemed necessary to enhance a user’s online experience. SuperLenny takes this very seriously. If there is a lack of transparency or misinformation, then readers will be far from impressed. Casino sites should never take things for granted and always look to improve.