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Josh Slaiter

Josh Slaiter – Sportsbook Specialist 

Josh Studied physiotherapy with business management at Loughborough University and since graduating in 2015 he has worked primarily in the iGaming industry, specialising in a subject close to his heart; Sport!

He has many tasks at SuperLenny HQ but Josh’s main role focuses on keeping UK players up to date with all the latest Sportsbook information and industry-related sports news. His favourite sportsbooks are currently 32Red and Mr Green. As a keen writer he especially enjoys keeping SuperLenny’s visitors up to date with the latest Sportsbook reviews, sports betting guides and news articles.

When it comes to Sport, his natural flair in analytical thinking coupled with an inevitable inquisition means you can rely on him to keep you updated with the very best bonuses and sports related whispers, ensuring you’ve always someone to lean on for reliable sportsbook information.

Although Josh is a keen Tottenham Hotspur fan, you shouldn’t hold that against him. He usually knows what he’s talking about and in his spare time, even sees himself as a bit of an amateur sports pundit. Chris Kamara eat your heart out.

‘There’s nothing quite like a Saturday afternoon, kick-off is an hour away, checking line-up news, odds and placing bets. As an avid fan of   competitive sport,  further fuels my  excitement and I feel lucky to be able to combine work-related research with a genuine  interest of mine. This is something I’d be doing in my spare time anyway, so why not share my knowledge?’


Josh loves receiving fan mail, feel free to give him a shout at [email protected] and he’ll get back to you within 48 hrs.

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