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Graphics 4/5
Sound 4/5
Bonus Rounds 4/5
Entertainment 4/5
Supplier Smartsoft Gaming
Launch Date 2019
Volatility High
Return to Player 97
Free spins No
Number Of Reels
Winning Lines
Bonus Rounds Yes

JetX is a new game released on January 24, 2019, by SmartSoft Gaming. The concept is amusing, and it is designed to provide you with some gaming excitement and while it is not a typical slots game you can win real money playing it. 

Smartsoft Gaming’s JetX is a type of cutting-edge arcade slot that elevates online gaming. 

The Jet rises as the bonus round feature begins, and there is no upper limit. It has the potential to grow to its full size. There are no pay lines in this game, which is rare. As a player, your goal is to make the right payout before the plane crashes.

Players frequently pick slots that are more likely to pay out money than ones that are exciting. This casino slot offers players a solid RTP of  RTP of 97%. One of the nice things about the game is that you can try your luck against other players and play chicken to see who will stop the flight first. 

What We Like About This Online Slot 

JetX allows you to have fun while still making money. The game can be played in any way you like. Therefore this is incredibly straightforward. You should begin the game and exit when you believe the plane cannot travel much higher, as if it crashes you will not be paid out.  The JetX Plane can potentially explode at any time. Therefore there are no guarantees. But this is what JetX gambling is all about, so bear in mind that it might go on forever leading to some big wins. 

Where To Play JetX For Real 

Pick your favorite casino, start playing, and don’t forget to take advantage of the casino’s welcome bonus offers. Hundreds and even thousands of slot machines, including JetX, from leading developers are available at many online casinos. There may be a ton of casinos to select from, but each has its unique set of benefits and drawbacks. As a result, consider the important aspects of a casino, such as security, licensing, games, payment methods, customer service, bonuses, and more.

JetX Theme

The theme of JetX exposes you to a jet flying through space, based on a very simple mechanism. Each round displays a jet taking off and gaining altitude. When the identical jet explodes in mid-air, the game ends. The higher the jet flies, the greater the possible payment for the player. If you’re a fan of all things space and jet planes, the JetX release could be just right for you.

Sound & Soundtrack

The game has simple music that will take you to space and allow you to explore the galaxy theme. Original music is frequently used in slot machines since it is an essential component of each title. Because they are based on flying planes and space, it makes the game more intriguing and thrilling. It has a great sound atmosphere and cool sound effects that captivates you during gameplay. 

Bonus Feature

There are no specific JetX bonus features to look out for when playing this crash themed exciting yet simple game. There are no scatters or bonus symbols because it’s not a traditional slot, and you can’t win JetX free spins or bonus rounds. On the other hand, the mechanics are basic but provide a lot of adrenaline.

Even so, if you keep playing, you might win a progressive jackpot, also known as the Planet (level 1), Galaxy (level 2), and Space (level 3), and it’s activated at random to provide huge jackpots . If you want the Jackpot to trigger, you’ll need to wager at least 0,80£ and obtain multipliers of at least 1.5x.

The only symbol in this game is the Jet, which might blow up at any moment. Even still, the payment isn’t set because the multiplier grows as it flies. So, while this isn’t your typical slot machine, it could be precisely what you’re looking for if you’re searching for something a little different.

The In-Game Jackpots are determined at random. Only the most active participants in the game rounds will share the Jackpot. As a result, if you play every second or third round, you have a lower chance of winning the Jackpot than the other players. 

Pros and Cons 

One of the reasons online slots are such a popular choice among today’s gamblers is the immense number of variants available. However, such options are accompanied with a list of hits and misses. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, there’s always something new and exciting to explore. JetX, like every other online slot even though not a traditional game, has both positive and negative elements, which are detailed below.


  • A one-of-a-kind game that provides a novel experience
  • Fantastic graphics and design
  • On a variety of devices, the mobile slot works well
  • JetX is a free online slot machine that you can play without registering or downloading
  • The Galaxy Jackpot is available in this game


  • High volatility, which can swiftly deplete your financial resources
  • There are no slot bonuses of any type
  • Graphics are a little outdated

Tricks Of JetX

When you’re happy with your wager, launch the plane into the air and watch your profits rise! The idea is to predict how long the airplane will endure and payout before it blows up. Predicting how high the multiplier will rise is a difficult undertaking, but can be profitable. 

Players will be taken to a plane’s staging location after loading the game, where it is preparing to take off. When the round begins, the jet plane  immediately goes higher in the sky and the most remarkable thing about it is that there is no limit to how high it can go. As a result, the winning coefficient might be anywhere between zero and infinity. 

When you click the ‘Collect’ icon, the round ends automatically, and you are awarded a faire share of your stake in cash.

In JetX, players may win a progressive jackpot in addition to normal wins. It’s called Galaxy Jackpot, and it’s given out at random under certain circumstances. Before players withdraw, the stake must be at least 0,80£, and the multiplier must be greater than 1.5x.

RTP of JetX

In this case, the (RTP) is 97%. After you’ve gained enough experience, you may skip the demo mode and play for real money, giving you the chance to experience the actual thrill of an action game for cold hard cash. This provides players with a motive to choose slots that are more likely to pay out money. The gameplay is simple and enjoyable, but whether you win large or not.

Should You Play JetX

Indeed. The premise revolves around a one-of-a-kind slot game featuring a jet that soars to great heights and rewards you handsomely. The game is set on an airline strip, and while it may appear to be a typical video game at first look, it will pique any player’s desire to gamble with the rewards it can pay out. 

The only symbol to expect from this slot machine is the Jet, which might explode at any time. The multiplier climbs as the jet flies, so there is no predetermined payoff. While the JetX free slot isn’t your average slot machine, it could be just what you’re looking for if you’re looking to try something different.

You may play the JetX slot game for free on your PC, mobile device, or tablet for a unique slot experience.  The game is available for real-money play and for free on various platforms, including Android, iOS, MAC, and Microsoft operating systems.

Software Provider 

Smartsoft Gaming has been in existence since 2015 and is a renowned online gaming software company that has produced many fantastic titles such as JetX. The firm is operated by a group of professionals with over 20 years of expertise in the online gambling industry. 

In addition to slot machines and casino games, they offer a wide variety of other popular games. Their games contain a variety of narratives and are of remarkable quality, with a distinctive design, and outstanding functionality. Each of the company’s products is compatible with any platform or device, and the software supports a broad range of currencies and languages. SmartSoft also provides 24/7 assistance for all hosted apps, including games. Every part of their games on offer are intended to entice and interest players. The goal is to boost the profitability of their partner relationships by continuously improving goods and services.

How to play

How to play JetX for Real Money

After a few rounds of JetX, you’ll be familiar with the gameplay and the actions required to complete each level. The objective is to predict how high the plane will fly before crashing. Before you can do that, you must first set your wager. . This game has a betting range of £0.084 to £503,68 making it suitable for all sorts of players, whether they are low stakes players or high rollers. 

The plane will take off when you have placed your wager. The multiplier will rise as it flies higher. It would help if you predicted how high the Jet would fly and payout before it reached that height. If you cash out too soon, you may receive a 2x multiplier instead of a 30x multiplier since the Jet will continue to fly until it achieves a 30x multiplier. At the same time, if you cash out too late, the aircraft will go up in flames, and you will lose everything — it’s a lot of pressure as you attempt to estimate the proper conclusion for each flight (betting round). 

The multiplier you can receive starts at none and can go as high as the game desires (within reason), and it is picked at random. Although the multiplier cannot carry on indefinitely, the range of it is huge to say the least. 

You must press the Collect button to pay out before the aircraft flies into the stratosphere. This will provide you with a payout equal to your stake multiplied by the multiplier you chose when you stopped. The amazing thing about this slot is that you will always win something because the Jet does not explode before takeoff. Even with a 1x multiplier, it’s still a winner.

A result history table is located on the side of the screen, and it displays the results of past rounds. Then, depending on the circumstance, you have the best selections and the Bet/Collect button underneath the game field. You may also chat with other players in real-time, adding to the overall sense of competitiveness and excitement, giving you a truly immersive gaming experience.

How To Play JetX For Free

JetX slot game provides an engaging gameplay experience with special tactics that involves ejecting from the plane before it is too late. The objective is to predict the multiplier jet’s altitude and exit before it explodes.

Take off and wait for the odds to skyrocket before cashing out.,  Despite its remarkable nature, this entertainment slot maintains a surprising level of simplicity.

After a few rounds, experienced and first-time gamers who have loved previous games will not only get the feel of it, but are set to enjoy it too.

At nearly all of the online casinos that offer JetX you can play for free in the demo mode. If you are trying out the game for the first time we recommend that you play for free before playing for real money. 

5 Casinos Where to Play

An online casino must provide the best online slots with superb visuals and overall quality to its players. Nowadays, various casinos offer players the chance to win millions of dollars.Here are a few licensed online casinos that offer JetX:

Final Thoughts 

In contrast to traditional slots, games using burst mechanisms give players far more control. That is the case with JetX, as you can cash out at any time before the Jets explodes. 

While the other two provide easy gameplay, with a random number generator determining whether you win, If you want to play it safe and receive a smaller  payout, JetX lets you withdraw early or you can wait long enough to risk your money for the chance for bigger wins.

JetX is a thrilling game that will appeal to all adrenaline junkies. You’ll be able to test your cold blood and even compete against other gamers. You will be able to see each passenger of the Jet’s bets and witness them eject before you throughout each game.Observing that other players have yet to withdraw their wagers might affect you and cause you to wait longer.

This interplay between players gives a significant edge to a game that could easily become monotonous. The multiplier’s endless potential adds a layer of intrigue to each takeoff and explains the game’s popularity. So, for the bravest among you, good luck with your takeoff, but don’t forget your parachute since JetX will be harsh on you!

Without a doubt, playing this game is quite fun. While JetX appears to be an easy game to play, there are several features of the game that you should be aware of. However, there is no need to be concerned, as these are just a few things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about betting on virtual jet flights.


Some of the answers to our most commonly asked questions about JetX may be found here.

No! In gambling, there are no guarantees of winning. There is no surefire strategy to JetX that will guarantee a win.

No, JetX is not offered at any online casino but check the ones we mentioned as well as the game libraries at other casinos to see if you can play the game there. 

Yes players can look forward to a progressive jackpot with a potential to win big.

No, JetX is not a typical slots game and it does not offer free spins.

There are no guarantees, but you can win  more money online than at a traditional casino. Plus, playing online slots is frequently less expensive than playing in a live casino if you stick to a set bankroll.

No, players do not need to download anything because JetX is mobile optimized and can be played directly from a mobile browser.

Indeed. Responsible gaming iis played on a  website that avoids fraud, cheating, and using forbidden software.Also, there can be responsible gaming tools in place to curb problem gambling as well as resources available to players that may have an issue.

The following formula, which is fairly simple, determines your winnings. The multiplier multiplies your bet. In other words, you are looking at the figure above, the “height of the plane”, and the bet. If you bet £9.00 and collect 2.07 times, your win will be £18.63. So, if you wager the same £9.00  but multiply it by 15.13, your earnings will be £136.17 — that’s a good win from only one game ( spin ).

You have two options on how to proceed. The first is to manually press the ‘Collect’ button whenever you believe it is the optimum moment to withdraw. Otherwise, you may utilize the auto-withdraw feature, which requires you to select a target for how much money you want to win. When the Jet reaches this level, the game automatically withdraws money, as long as it does so before exploding.

The maximum win on the JetX slot machine is 25000x your initial wager, and winnings are collected automatically after you’ve attained it.

The objective is to predict how high the Jet will fly and watch the multiplier rise before withdrawing your winnings before it explodes.

Yes, it is right. The results of the spins in JetX and many other licensed video slots are entirely random. RNG (Random Number Generator) is special software that generates random combinations . There is no way to manipulate or trick the system, and there is no way to predict the outcome of any round.

Absolutely. JetX is a safe and secure game as long as you play it from a licensed and regulated online casino.

Absolutely. JetX is mobile compatible and created in HTML5 and compatible with a wide range of devices.

Yes, JetX can be played safely at any casinos mentioned in our review.

The demo version is the same as the real money game besides the obvious fact you are not playing for real money.

No. The value of any matching incentives you sign up for is affected by your deposit amount.

When the game malfunctions, all plays and pays get nullified.If there is an issue with malfunction it is advantageous to contact the customer service department at the online casino you play JetX at.

JetX has no maximum multiplier; its potential is limitless.

The JetX variance is difficult to obtain because it is not fully disclosed.