Scratchcards & Lottery

Scratchcards & Lottery

For many years, scratch/lottery has been a popular pastime. Getting that weekly ticket meant a brief stroll down to the nearest shop and spending a few moments deciding which numbers to pick or which scratch card might be the lucky one. For scratch cards, there would be a few endless seconds spent using a coin to rub off the covers, fingers crossed as you hoped for that big win. Lottery tickets, on the other hand, required a little bit more patience and an eye on the TV for the numbers to be revealed.

These little games were the staple of many households with families taking part in picking numbers or deciding whose turn it was to rub the metallic covering off those magic symbols. Nowadays though, whilst you can still get your hands on the physical versions, it’s more common to find a scratch card or lottery ticket online. But how exactly does this work? Is there the same excitement? Keep reading this review, and you’ll soon find out all you need to know about playing these soft casino games online.

Playing scratch/lottery online

Online scratch cards and lottery tickets are identical to their physical counterparts. When it comes to lottery tickets, they even look the same. You can still select the numbers you’d like or click a button for the lucky dip option and see where that takes you. The ticket prices are the same as they are in the shop – although we have all noticed that these have gone up over the years (where are those £1 lottery tickets we used to love?).

Scratch cards run in much the same way too. There’s usually a full array of options available to you, and these will outline exactly how much each ticket costs. Bear in mind though that a bundle of tickets often has a small discount attached. Better still, there’s usually a little bit of info included to tell you how likely you are to win and what the payout rate will be. This means that you can make a good judgement on which scratch card you might decide to try your luck with.

Types of games

As we have already touched upon, there are a large number of scratch card and lottery games to choose from. When it comes to the lottery games, the choice really will come down to which part of the world you’re in. You don’t want to play a lottery game that’s from another country – there are rules and requirements, and even if you win, you might not get that payout. With scratch cards, anything goes, as long as you are happy with your budget and the choice you have made.

Different games

When it comes to lotteries, there is an ever-growing number available. As the costs of hosting a televised lottery have now gone, prizes can be higher and more lotteries have sprung into existence. There are the simple lotteries with the extra lucky number, or you can go for a lottery that rewards you over time. Alternatively, if you don’t mind sharing, you’ll increase your odds if you take a syndicate bet which will give you more numbers and tickets in the game at the cost of sharing any prize with 50 other people.

Scratch cards also have a larger number of choices online. They’re also a little more environmentally friendly as there aren’t hundreds of bits of foil covered papers being strewn around! These tickets work in exactly the same way as the originals, but if you’ve got the budget for it, there are some much bigger prizes available on the online scratch cards than there ever were with the physical versions. Added to that, there’s a huge number of themes to make things a little more interesting and unique.


Where to play

One of the biggest, and most time consuming, parts of the online play comes in choosing which place to sign up to in order to buy your tickets. To make things easier for you, here are a few things to look out for when picking your casino site. Firstly, the site needs to be licensed. If it isn’t licensed under a recognised jurisdiction, then there could be something funny about the way things are run. You want to know that you can trust where you put your money.

Secondly, while many casinos offer a variety of these types of games, there are dedicated sites too. If you are only interested in these games, you’re better off simply choosing a dedicated lottery site – you’ll get more choice and catered offers. That brings us to the third point, the bonuses. Always try and choose a site that offers a range of bonuses, including free scratch cards and free lottery tickets when you buy a certain number. That way, you can also boost your chances of winning.

Buying tickets

At this point, you’re probably looking at actually sitting down and buying your lottery ticket. This is the moment where you need to choose your numbers. Before selecting the ticket you will need to have signed up, made an account and made a deposit. Not all lottery-specific sites need the deposit; some will offer the option to pay for the ticket once you’ve chosen your numbers – rather like going to the checkout at Amazon. Selecting your numbers and the number of tickets you’d like to buy is a simple process of clicking the buttons.

Scratch cards will work similarly. Once you’ve chosen the scratch card game that you want to play, you simply pay for it then and there. This will then see the card load up on your account, and you can play it at your leisure. You can either run the mouse (or your finger if you’re on a mobile device) over the card to “scratch” the numbers to reveal them or click the auto-reveal button to have it done automatically. As with the lottery ticket, any winnings are added to your account instantly.

Finding the numbers

With the scratch card, you’ll know instantly when you’ve won – you’ll see the results on your card. However, things are a little different when it comes to lottery tickets. These you may have purchased in advance of the draw and will have to wait a few days. Nowadays, these are not revealed on the TV; you’re going to have to find them yourself. You don’t need to fear; it’s simple and easier than remembering to get the right channel and the right time on TV.

Instead of having to mess around, the lottery site will send the numbers directly to the email you used to create your account. It’s that straightforward. If you’ve won, your email is likely to arrive that little bit faster too. If you’re too impatient to wait, the numbers, once drawn, will be placed on the lottery site so you can simply head there, have a look and compare them to your ticket to see if you’re a winner. If so, the winnings will be added to your account – although big wins are paid in instalments.


Buying a scratch card or a lottery ticket is a walk in the park, minus the need to walk. For scratch card players, there’s still the opportunity to self-scratch to reveal the possible winning numbers while for lottery players the options for choosing numbers or a lucky dip are the same as the original physical game. Playing online has made things much easier;it will also ensure that you never miss a draw again. What are you waiting for? You should start playing!