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Greyhound Betting

By the turn of the 20th century, greyhounds were being bred exclusively for use in hare coursing. However, a transition to using the dogs for racing on a track quickly took place. Greyhound racing, at one point, was the biggest sport in the UK. Betting on greyhounds started almost simultaneously with the rise of the sport.

Top UK Bookies for Greyhound Betting

Greyhound Racing

While greyhound racing has experienced a decline in recent years, which included the closure of Wimbledon Stadium, the events still attract the interest of those looking to find value with betting on other than the main sports. Apart from Christmas Day, greyhound races take place daily and there are numerous scheduled meetings across the country.

Greyhound racing is a thrilling sport on which to place a bet. Here, we explain the methods of betting on greyhounds as well as which bookmakers to use to access greyhound betting bonuses

Where can you place a bet on greyhound racing?  

There are plenty of online bookmakers offering odds on greyhound races. Some of the more well-known bookmakers offer ante-post odds on the big greyhound markets. However, only a few are prepared to price up the BAGS (Bookmakers Afternoon Greyhound Service) and the BEGS (Bookmakers Evening Greyhound Service).

Some sites, such as Bet365 specialise in providing early prices on most daily meetings and guarantee the best odds. Bet365 offers excellent ante-post coverage, and there is a high maximum payout.

Ladbrokes, like Bet365, offers a favourites index, which is an alternative to straight betting. Bettors can win money betting on greyhounds through a points system where they can wager on the number of wins that the favourites will acquire over a meet. There are odds priced up that cover a range of potential points totals and it is a fascinating avenue for bettors.

How to bet on greyhound racing?

There are numerous ways in which you can bet on greyhounds. The most common method is the outright win market. It requires predicting which of the six greyhounds will win a race. For example, if you bet £30 on ‘Dog A’ to win at 6/1, you would receive six times your initial stake plus your £30 stake, which would equal £210.

Another popular wager is the each-way bet. The each-way bet is essentially two bets on the same dog. Half of your total stake is on the dog to win, and half is on it to be placed. If your selection wins, then you will win on both parts of the bet, and the place part of the bet is paid out by the bookmaker at a fraction of the win odds.

Those bettors that are more adventurous can explore the forecast market. Forecast betting in greyhound racing requires bettors to choose which dog will finish first and which will finish second in the exact order for a race. For example, a forecast of Trap 2 – Trap 5 means trap one has to win the race and trap five to finish second.

Greyhound betting is not much of an art due to the small number of dogs in each race. But bettors who want to test themselves may find value in the distance betting market. For example, on a 12-race card, the mark may be 36.5 lengths. If you believe the winner will win by a more considerable distance, then you may be more inclined to back overs in this market.

How to find a good greyhound racing betting site

When betting on greyhounds, it is necessary, of course, to know how to go about safely placing a bet. Investing time in finding an established and regulated website is vital. First of all, a good bookmaker will have an app that is compatible with iPhone, Android or another mobile device as some bettors may wish to play while on the go.

Also, check to see what markets that a bookmaker offers for greyhounds. If you want to specialise in greyhound racing, then you need to have a wide range of markets from which to choose. Avoid signing up with a bookmaker that is limited in its ante-post or outright options.

Similarly, the best bookmakers will have competitive odds, which will be discussed in further detail later on. More bookmakers are popping up that have great prices. You can find this information on odds comparison portals. It is advisable to shop around to find a bookie that suits your needs.

Also, bear in mind reviews of different bookmakers. Some bookmakers may endear themselves with some bettors, but others may fall short on poor customer service. If you intend to bet with a particular bookmaker, you need to choose one that is effective in the long term.

What types of bonuses will I find when betting on greyhounds?

Greyhound betting bonuses are the bread and butter of any well-known online bookmaker, and money-back specials, extra place bonuses and even daily trap challenges are advertised. Operators like Betway have great welcome offers, such as £30 in free bets, and it provides substantial price boosts for specific markets.

Paddy Power also ranks very highly on the promotion side of things. A £20 cashback bonus offer gives bettors a strong chance to place a winning bet. It is one of the few sites that offers daily promotions on its BAGS and evening races.

Some of the special offers crop up around the time of big meets, so always keep an eye on the promotion pages of bookmakers to get access to the best deals.

Racing greyhounds. Grayhound betting concept.

What is the best betting strategy for greyhound betting?

While there is no exact science involved when betting on greyhounds, homing in on several strategies will improve your chances of learning how to win money betting on greyhounds consistently. Start by assessing the weather conditions on a race day. Generally, if it is a rainy day and the tracks are wet, dogs in the inside traps are less likely to be affected. Studying the form of greyhounds is essential. Racing greyhounds go through spells of being in or out of form, so checking on the previous form of the dogs is necessary before placing any bets.

The age of a greyhound is also a significant factor. Although they have a lifespan of about 13 years, they tend to approach retirement around the age of four. Younger dogs tend to show varying performance levels, while older dogs are often more consistent.

It is a good idea to keep up-to-date with all the latest news surrounding the major greyhound racing events. Reliable bookmakers have blogs that provide valuable information and insight on upcoming meets, so soak up their tips to help you with you betting choices.

Furthermore, it is vital to keep a record of your bets. To have an ongoing note of your betting activity will give you a clearer picture of which markets, trainers or dogs are worth backing in the future. The review process is a fundamental part of how to win money betting on greyhounds. It is always best never to bet more than you can afford, so never chase losses.

How greyhound racing betting odds work

Generally, bookmakers will price the odds quote early ahead of a race. There will be an SP (starting price) offered for the six dogs running, and odds will be presented in either fractional or decimal format.

Some sites, such as Bet365 is one of the best for early odds and it comes out on top for BOG (best odds guaranteed). Yet as a race draws closer, the odds for individual dogs may shorten or drift.

If there are a flurry of bets that come in for the favourite, then the price will be shorter, but sometimes the odds may lengthen in the moments leading up to a race.

Odds can be found on Oddschecker, which is an odds comparison tool and compares all the prices offered by bookmakers for races. That site is a good reference point for bettors.

Where can I find the best odds for greyhound racing?

Greyhound racing markets are very competitive. Sites vary in their offering of stronger odds for favourites. Oddschecker tracks the best odds so that you can see all of them listed by the bookmakers.

However, of the most reputable sites, the average odds of Paddy Power is much greater than some of its rivals. The average range of odds provided by Paddy Power is 79% to 86.9%.

Popular betting markets (methods) for greyhound racing

Method Description
Single bet The meat and potatoes of greyhounds betting. It revolves around betting on a greyhound to win a race. If it wins, you will get a return on your bet.
Multiples bet Otherwise known as accumulators, this type of bet can start with a double, which is just two selections, and can work its way up to a four-fold or five-fold bet. The full bet needs to come off to get a return, but the stakes are quite small, and payouts can be substantial if all the elements of the bet are successful.
Forecast bet This requires betting on two greyhounds, and the first bet will be on which will win whereas the second will be on which will finish as runner-up. The top two runners need to finish in the precise order to get a return on your bet.

Cash out

What it is

When you place a bet, you usually have to wait for a market or event to finish before finding out whether you will receive any return. Cash-out puts bettors in charge as they can take their money early if they fear they may lose their bet.

How to do it

You can cash out bets with a few simple clicks. By heading over to the ‘My Bets’ section of an online bookmaker, you will be able to view your in-play bets, and if you press on the ‘Cash out’ or ‘Partial Cash Out’ button, you can settle your bet there and then and the winnings will be put straight into your account.

Live streaming and where to watch Greyhound racing

Several bookmakers offer a live streaming service. With Bet365, bettors will need to have a funded account and to have placed a bet in the last 24-hours to access the streaming service.

Whereas, BetVictor which is considered the best bookmaker for greyhound live streaming, has a ‘bet and watch’ format. If a bettor has a bet on a race, then they will be available to watch it on their device.

Greyhound Racing Betting FAQs

Wagering on greyhounds is legal in the UK. The Greyhound Board of Great Britain implements the rules of racing, which applies to all GBGB license holders in the UK.

Live betting is an innovative development in the online sports betting arena. In the past, markets closed before a race started. Now, the odds change in real-time to reflect what is happening on the course.

However, the beauty of greyhound racing is that the races are quite short, so live betting isn’t as conducive to it as with other sports.

Greyhound races happen thick and fast, and bettors have little time in between races to deposit new funds. The deposit methods available on your chosen greyhound betting site need to be instant.


The best online bookmakers offer instant deposit methods. They will include debit card, Skrill, Neteller and PayPal. There are also other options, but make sure there aren’t any fees attached for using those deposit methods.

Ultimately, you want to use a trustworthy bookmaker. All reputable bookmakers will be fully licensed and comply with the UK Gambling Commission rules. The full name of the gambling license and the license number should be displayed on the bookmaker’s website.

Betting on greyhounds is generally quite safe, but bettors are advised to use a betting website that has an SSL Certificate and has installed the latest encryption technology. If you can see the word ‘Secure’ written in the address bar, you can be assured that you will be in safe hands when betting on greyhounds. However, it is perhaps best to steer clear of newer sites with unfamiliar names.